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One of the more disturbing hockey hits you'll see

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Action in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League is, no doubt, usually highly competitive and hard-hitting, being deep in the heart of hockey-mad Canada. Hockey itself is a tough sport with lots of speed and lots of contact. But this is something else.

In this video Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam is hit in the head with an elbow by Team Canada's world junior captain Patrice Cormier and immediately hits the ice in convulsions. Cormier was ejected, but Tam suffered a broken jaw, brain damaged and continues to convulse as he's wheeled off the ice to the hospital. The 18-year-old also lost "many" teeth, according to Canadian press reports, which also say Tam remains in the hospital with brain trauma, but could be released as soon as Tuesday.

The elbow check is apparently not a new move for Cormier.

Remparts coach Patrick Roy filed a complaint with the Quebec Provincial Police, who are now investigating the incident and collecting testimony.

The league has yet to rule on a punishment for what was clearly a late hit and cheap shot. Cormier, a forward for the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies who had only been with the team for three games following a trade, has not been heard from publicly.

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Disgusting elbow. He should be suspended for the rest of the season at least. As a Canadian I am sickened by this...This type of media attention isn't going to help showcase Hockey as a fast, fun sport.

uh no steve, he should have his career ended and face criminal charges, this idiot has done this before just never this severe. I'm sorry but hockey isn't about who you can kill on the ice, it's about how well you play.

if this poor 18 year old loses his career, so does the one who hits him. just like bertuses should've had his career ended.

this just disgusts me.

Banned for life and criminal charges is what needs to happen.... This type of blatent disregard towards other players will only lead to the demise of the sports popularity...
Why do you think parents are enroling their kids in soccer these days and not hockey....

I doubt he has a back-up plan if his hockey career ends.. don't ruin the kid's life. Let him be banned for next season, pay a huge fine, whatever, but don't end it.

He's already signed with the Devils and will play in the AHL if he's banned from playing junior Hockey.

i think he should punished severly but you shouldnt end his career he probly dont know what he will do if it ends

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