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No Cubs, no: Andre Dawson to enter the Hall of Fame as an Expo

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andre-dawson-expo.jpgIt looks like Andre Dawson will be going into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Montreal Expo.

Sorry, Cub fans.

Dawson texted that other paper in town last night, "Hall will issue a press release [Wednesday] announcing that I will go in as an Expo."

Guess that's that.

The Hawk spent the first 11 years of his career in Canada, where he won a Rookie of the Year award and hit 225 of his 438 career home runs.

But, it was here in Chicago where Dawson really became popular on the broader scale, fueled by his MVP season in 1987. He made the All-Star team in five of his six seasons while with the Cubs.

This news really only confirms what we already had been hearing.

At the end of the day it's hard to argue with the choice anyway.

It's time like these those super gawdy half-and-half hats would come in handy.

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What people don't know is the HOF is not owned by MLB. The players really don't choose what uniform they go in wearing. Thats why I can't wait for the day Greg Maddux gets elected into the HOF, he will go in as a Atlanta Brave. Maddux did all his damage there in 11 seasons, 6 all-star appearances, 3 Cy Young Awards, 9 Gold Gloves and a World Series Ring all with the Braves, Haha Cubs Fans you will lose again!! I myself would be shocked if he didn't go in as a Brave.

Ha ha he he... I am a Cub fan for life (its waning) but if this is true, I love this decision. If "Hawk" goes in an an Expo, good for him. Why is the heck should he go in" as a Cub and "reward" this franchise and too many of its chump, two-faced fans for nothing. After witnessing the Milton Bradley debacle.... Yeah he sucked, but geez, I never saw such an assault on a player in my life-- I hope the Cubs never win "jack."

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