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New York Jets coach Rex Ryan eats 7,000 calories a day

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rex-ryan-diet.JPGAs even the casual football viewer has probably noticed, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is a large man.

An article today from the New York Post offers the smoking gun evidence as to why that is.

He eats 7,000 calories a day.

The somewhere-around-350-pound Ryan set out the season determined to lose some of his girth, but it hasn't gone to plan. Yes, 7,000 calories a day tends to cripple a diet.

The paper goes on to describe his post-game celebratory dinners with his wife and reveals that his love of Mexican food is so strong, his assistant coaches have begun calling it "Rexican."

Oh, he also likes beer.

It should be pointed out that Ryan's diet is meager compared to the one Michael Phelps was on (12,000 calories a day), but then again, Phelps was a world-class athlete.

His Jets face Indianapolis Sunday for a trip to the Super Bowl.

Get your snacks ready.

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Wow 7,000?! He really needs to watch out for that before it can become a serious problem.

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