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NBA Jam is making a comeback on Wii

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nba-jam-wii.jpgFor many of us, life peaked around the time we were regularly playing NBA Jam multiple hours a day.

There was nothing like the combination of high-flying dunks, catchphrases, push-down steals and Chris Mullins' haircut. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty liar.

The arcade-ish two-on-two basketball title enjoyed it's peak popularity in the 16-bit era, when Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were the windows to the world. It was a simpler time, one where my father told my brother and I if he heard "THE STEAL, THE STEAL" again, he'd make sure we'd never be able to play with an unlocked Bill Clinton again.

This morning, I'm happy to share the news that the classic Midway game is making a comeback on the Wii, according to ESPN's Jon Robinson.

Boom-shaka-laka! Things are heating up.

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1 Comment

Yes! He's on Fire!!!! I wonder if more companies will try to bring back old classics to make the very picky Gen Y happy

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