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Mine That Bird helps Conan O'Brien waste NBC's money

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In his second-to-last show on NBC, Conan O'Brien continued his quest to spend all of the network's money with the help of Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird.

Or a horse stand-in, as many have pointed out. Look, if I could identify horses by sight, I wouldn't be stuck in this dead-end newspaper job.

The red-haired one said the horse, which was wearing a mink snuggie, was watching restricted Super Bowl coverage -- all at a cost of $4.8 million to his least favorite network.

But, sharp eyes on the internet have pointed out that the horse was actually looking at a USFL game.

I'm not so sure Mine That Bird knew the difference. Or the horse pretending to be Mine That Bird. Whatever.

Tremendous equine acting, however.

Coco's last show is tonight. Stay strong, America.

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Entertaining - although they could have hired a model horse that looked a little bit more like Mine That Bird.

Yep, that was definitely not Mine That Bird.

That's actually not really Mine That Bird, either.

Yea that definitely was not Mine That Bird. Mine That Bird is a bay I believe, or at least not a chestnut like the horse Conan had. Whatever though, I'm with CoCo!

Obviously it's not Mine That Bird! It's called comedy! I don't think that horse is even a Thoroughbred.

You guys are idiots. Who cares if it was actually Mine That Bird? Of course it wasn't that actual horse. It is called COMEDY. Geez.

all I have to say is... Conan's the greatest and NBC is making a huge mistake... WTF am I going to watch at night.. Die jay leno

Lol lots of people thought these bits where real...and the first one was almost believable....but the mine that bird, then tonights "destroying a picaso" really put it over the top.

Seriously? People thought this was real? Conan was obviously making a joke. Only an idiot would believe these sketches were real.

If you're stupid enough to believe any of the antics are actually costing the millions of dollars 'reported' keep watching network television. The sponsors need your money too. God....morons....

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