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Marshawn Lynch accused of stealing $20 from police officer's wife

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marshawn-lynch.JPGThe following is an actual story that just moved across the wire. It's pretty far-fetched, but given some of the recent events in the sporting world, I'll believe anything about now.

Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch reportedly has been accused of stealing $20 from a police officer's wife.

The incident allegedly happened at a TGI Friday's on Dec. 7 when Lynch approached two women and another member of the Buffalo Bills and snatched a $20 bill out of the married woman's hand before refusing to give it back.

That is not the type of behavior exhibited by the fun-loving patrons on the TGI Friday's commercials at all.

Lynch then allegedly threatened the women with the old "Do you know who I am? There's going to be consequences" routine.

There are some other bizarre details, including how a $20 bill was shipped to the victim by police after a complaint was filed, which you can read about over at the Buffalo News.

The running back is currently on three years probation for a misdemeanor gun possession charge in Los Angeles.

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IF Lynch is a thug, just like Willis M....THE BILLS WILL SHIP HIM OUT. As bad as the Bills are on the field the last few years, they do not allow thugs to stay. That's why Cowher will fit in just fine and will produce a SB run if he comes to the from Ohio

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