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LeBron James teams with McDonalds, stars in remake of classic Michael Jordan commercial

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First LeBron James takes Michael Jordan's jersey number. Now he's taking his commercial meme.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and McDonald's Corp. have agreed to a multi-year endorsement deal. Financial terms of the contract aren't currently known, but James has already filmed his first ad with the company.

It's a remake of the classic "The Showdown" commercial, and it will air before the Super Bowl.

That spot featured Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing a game of H-O-R-S-E for a Big Mac and fries. That's just how NBA players settled things back then.

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Larry Bird and Michael Jordan made one of the most memorable commercials of my childhood with that campaign, and now you're telling me Lebron James and (Insert NBA icon here) are remaking it. I mean, couldn't he come up with his own pitch line for this? He already has to be protrayed as a puppet in the NIke advertisements, maybe now he officially has his strings showing from the corporations that created him. This is a tragedy of where sports and the media have come.

Who cares? Weird to see someone so attached to a commercial.

@UTR, Do you really think that LeBron is the cheif of marketing with McDonald's?

Come up with his own pitch line?

He is a Basketball player. McDonalds comes up with a campain, he shows up, acts like playing basketball and collects a check.

RTU, as with any advertising figure, I am pretty sure Lebron had his say in the creative genius of making this commercial come to life. As for PSA, I don't have any issues with him recreating it, I think it will probably be a funny commercial. I was just saying it's sad when someone as large as McDonald's has to dig into the archive folders, it's pretty sad.

On a side note, I hope it's him and Dwight Howard in an unrealistic dunk-off with 'Crouching tiger, hidden dragon'-esque hang time!

Yeah LeBron! Always making it happen!

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