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Jose Offerman throws a punch at an umpire during game

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Everyone is up in arms about former major-league infielder Jose Offerman hauling off and throwing a punch at an umpire during a Dominican winter league game Saturday night.

Consider me unimpressed.

I mean, this is the guy who charged the mound during a 2007 minor-league game and hit the pitcher with his bat.

Offerman, who manages the Licey Tigers, appeared to strike first base umpire Daniel Rayburn in the face or neck after a heated nose-to-nose discussion. Rayburn took a fall to the ground and Offerman was detained by stadium security.

The former All-Star came out on the field after the home plate umpire had ejected Ronny Paulino for arguing balls and strikes, but ended up getting into it with Rayburn.

Now, I've looked at this video several times, and it really doesn't look like Offerman makes contact with Rayburn. I can't imagine why he would take a flop like that that, but the fact remains, you can't be throwing haymakers at umpires.

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