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Joe Rollino, one of the world's toughest men, killed at 104

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joe-rollino.jpegNo one is immortal.

Not even a man who once reportedly lifted 475 pounds with his teeth.

Joe Rollino, who amazed the world with his remarkable feats of strength, died Monday after being struck by a minivan in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

He was 104. And still going strong.

The sinewy Rollino, who at the peak of his career stood 5-foot-5 and weighed between 125 and 150 pounds, once raised 635 pounds with one finger, moved 3,200 with his back and bit down on quarters to bend them with his thumb, according to the New York Times.

Known as "Kid Dundee" in his boxing days, Rollino was a lifelong vegetarian who ate oatmeal every morning and would swim in the ocean year-round.

In short, he was one tough son of a gun.

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1 Comment

I was real amazed that someone 5'5" could do such incredible feats.

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