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Jim Leavitt reportedly fired by South Florida

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The University of South Florida has fired football coach Jim Leavitt, according to a report from Fanhouse.

Leavitt, the only coach the Bulls have had in the 13-year history of the program, was accused of grabbing sophomore walk-on Joel Miller by the throat during halftime of a Nov. 21 game against Lousiville. Leavitt also allegedly struck Miller in the face twice in that incident.

If this is indeed the reason for the termination, it would be the third college coach to lose his spot for abuse-related matters in the past month (Kansas' Mark Mangino and Texas Tech's Mike Leach).

Not all Bulls players are for this move, it would appear.

"I speak for most of the team (except) a couple of bitter players: We want Coach Leavitt and that's what we're sticking by," safety Jerrell Young told the St. Petersburg Times.  "I dont think he did anything to cost him his job."

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I'm betting a Bowden boy gets that gig soon.

A lot of pressure to win,...sometimes a coach will lose it. Gotta keep your hands off the players. Remember Woody Hayes??

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