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Jayson Williams hospitalized after crashing car on the FDR

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jayson-williams-crash.JPGFormer NBA player Jayson Williams was hospitalized after crashing his SUV into a tree at a northbound exist of the FDR Drive in Manhattan this morning.

Although Williams hasn't been charged, the New York Police Department said it appeared he had been drinking.

The former New Jersey Nets big man pulled the old switch-over-to-the-passenger-seat after the crash, and told police he wasn't driving, according to witnesses.

Apparently, no one else was in the car. It doesn't work so well when that happens.

Williams is scheduled to be retried on the reckless manslaughter count that produced a deadlocked jury in 2004, which stemmed out of fatal shooting of his then-driver in 2002.

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As you are aware, My Jayson, Jayson Scott Williams is on trial for the accidental shooting of Mr. Costas Christofi. We are forever remorseful for the loss of life that occured in our home. Our sympathy deepens for the family and friends of Mr. Christofi and for every person's life that has been affected by this accident. We are truly sorry for the unforseeable accident that occured on Feb. 14, 2002.

Many of you have been angered by the false allegations and misrepresentations levied against my husband - it angers me too. Yet I know that these lies, innuendoes and distortions shall be eradicated through our trial and I will allow our attorneys to appropriately do this.

However, the slanderous and inflammatory character assaults agains Jayson cannot be fully corrected by anyone other than me - his wife. Jayson is an amazing man, whom I love dearly. He is a great father, a caring son and a loyal friend. He is generous to a fault. His charitable works are too many to mention and many are only known by the people he has touched with his kindness. Jayson gives of his time, talent & resources because it makes him feel as good as the recipients. Jayson loves life, he loves people, he loves to laugh and sometimes he cries - but most importantly, Jayson loves God. He is a God-fearing man, and through our trials and tribulations walks closer to God than he ever has before. This is My Jayson Williams.

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