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Iowa's Ricky Stanzi bleeds American

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Iowa quaterback Ricky Stanzi is not afraid his love for his country, as evidenced by his interview with Fox Sports' Chris Myers after the Hawkeyes' Orange Bowl win Tuesday night.

To be fair to Stanzi, Myers did phrase that question about the Big Ten getting no respect pretty awkwardly. Plus, America is great. After all, where else could play-by-play announcers make jokes about terrorism on the air and get away with it?

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Nice coverage of the Orange Bowl. Oh wait, that was in my dreams. Sorry.

It's true - I had no idea what Myers was even trying to ask him. I loved Stanzi's great answer to such a poorly worded question.

Thank you!!

Do you realize that this is the ONLY mention of the Iowa Hawkeyes winning the Orange Bowl by this newspaper?(Correction: STUPID newspaper!!)

It is extremely insulting to not even have a short article - let alone a single mention of this Big 10 team defeating a vaunted ACC champion with a vaunted offense in a BCS bowl!! Especially with the the Big 10 always taking it's lumps. H*ll - Chicago is even the home location for the Big 10 conference!

My irration knows no bounds, and if it were not for this blog - I would not even know where to complain too.

I just don't understand it......

Asked a stupid question and you get Ricky Bobby in your face. "If you don't love it, leave it! USA #1!"

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