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Gerald Laird gets arrested after brawl at Suns-Celtics game

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gerald-laird-fight.JPGDetroit Tigers fans who found themselves losing patience with catcher Gerald Laird as he slugged his way through a .225 2009 campaign will be interested to know that the 30-year-old backstop was arrested following a brawl at the Phoenix Suns-Boston Celtics game Wednesday.

Laird and his 22-year-old brother Brandon -- an infield prospect with the New York Yankees -- were allegedly involved in a rhubarb in the lounge area of U.S. Airways Center in which the brothers Laird apparently assaulted the security guards.

Can't we just have an NBA game without incident, people?

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I am not happy about the brawl that Laird and his brother got into.

Don't believe what you read. It was hardly a brawl more like self defense against some angry rent a cops.

Those rent-a-cops might not have much of a case: everybody knows G Money can't hit.

Dude, Laird sucks. That guy is so lame.

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