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Dusty Dvoracek busted in Oklahoma bar brawl

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dvoracek.pngOKBlitz is reporting that former Oklahoma Sooner and oft-injured Bears defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek was arrested following some sort of bar-fueled dust-up in Norman, Okla.

Dvoracek was charged with public intoxication, assault and battery and interfering with an official process, according to the report, at Seven47.

Dvoracek played 13 games in four years for the Bears after being the definition of an injury-prone player. He missed all of the 2009 campaign after tearing his ACL during the preseason, and has ended each year of his NFL career on injured reserve.

If the charges are true, this is the most hitting he's done in a while.

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Career Ender.

Way to train in the offseason Dusty, drinking and fighting at a redneck bar when your team needs effective dlinemen more now than ever. This is Lovie's definition of character guy. A guy who should be in the weightroom and staying as far away from trouble as possible, but instead finds the mechanical bull bar and starts a fight. Obstructing justice? Translation, "officer I"m a Sooner and now I Play for the bears, can't you make this go away?" I applaud the local police who locked him up and forced Mr. Bigshot to take his medicine.

Memo to ALL Bear personnell: none of you are expendable. You are getting paid to play a game. You are paid to make the Bears a contender and you have all failed 3 years running. Your job puts you in the spotlight, sorry goes with the territory. Listen up Einstein: that means you stay out of trouble, don't over indulge, don't get into fights, don't carry weapons, or beat up your girlfriend. Here is a guy who saw Tank Johnson and Benson on his team get launched. You're not nearly as good or important to the team Dusty. You just found a way to ruin the best paying and most fun job on the planet.

A guy who consisently fails to deliver what he is paid to do, can barely get on the field, and finds all kinds of things to do off season besides becoming a better football player. If Phillips and Co. are serious about sending a message that this team needs to win, then they will cut him before noon today. Of course Jerry and Lovie will say little and support their guy.

I am pretty sure that he had a big problem with alcohol in college, which is one of the reasons he dropped so far in the draft. Looks like he still has a problem with it, in addition to not being able to stay on the field. Time to cut him loose...although it was time to cut him before this incident.

Well that is that great Oklahoma education being put to use. It is about all they learn there.

Its amazing that sport figures who have everything going for them do such stupid things, such as this. Their ego is pumped by huge pay checks, and filled stadiums, and the media hype that builds the games up to be more important than life itself. I think that there is should be a standard for this adopted by the NFL and other sports teams, one strike and your out. There's nothing we can do in our world that degrades and sells out what we should stand for, by giving these athletes second and third chances and then putting them up on a pedestal. Tank J, Cedric B, Michael V, Tiger W, Gilbert A, Dust D, -- these people should be out. no one should be given the privilege of making millions for playing a game, and not being grateful for this opportunity.

I just want to comment that Seven 47 is anything but a redneck bar. I don't doubt that Dusty may hang out at redneck bars on occasion but Seven 47 is probably the closest thing in Norman to an edgy Manhattan bar.

You guys have no idea what you are talking about. Dusty was out with his wife and closest friends. They were about to leave when bouncers from what JJ calls and "edgy Manhattan bar" (when it's actually nothing like that), decided to be jerks and put Dusty in a headlock and punch him in his ribs over and over. All he and his wife were trying to do was leave. Dusty threw no punches nor did he ask for any type of fight. Dusty has kept his nose clean for years now and is an AMAZING family man. Everyone makes mistakes and Dusty's are pretty much harmless, and most blown up by people like you that don't have the facts. Everyone that knows nothing on the subject need to stop spreading rumors on his character!!

That's good stuff Frank! I just have one suggestion: try to make your story at least a little bit believable next time. His Bears teammates are even saying, "Sounds like typical Dusty"

@Frank - JJ's full quote was "probably the closest thing in Norman to an edgy Manhattan bar." I have no idea what happened that night, but JJ's description is dead on IMO. I've never been to Manhattan so I can't say it's "exactly" like that, but given the full context of the quote, it's accurate.

The guy is anything but a family man. He is a punk now just as he was while he attended OU. I know because I was there at the same time. One of my friends was a victim of him drunken rage. His face was so messed up he almost died. My friend did nothing to the man. Get your info straight Frank before you comment.

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