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Dallas' Keith Brooking calls Minnesota Vikings 'classless'

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keith-brooking.jpgComfortably leading 27-3 with less than two minutes to play, the Minnesota Vikings opted to go for it on fourth down from the Cowboys' 11-yard line.

They could have kicked the field goal.

The game was effectively over.

By keeping their offensive unit on the field, it seemed to imply they were content to run the ball, either to pick up the game's final first down or turn the ball over to Dallas in poor field position.

Instead, Brett Favre executed a play-action pass to perfection, hooking up with a diving Visanthe Shiancoe in the end zone to extend the lead to 30 points.

A jubilant Favre jumped for joy and the Minnesota faithful went crazy.

But Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking took umbrage, racing over to Favre and the Vikings sideline to share his opinion of what he thought of his perceived lack of sportsmanship.

"I thought it was totally classless and disrespectful," Brooking said. "This is the NFL, that's not what this is about. I don't think there's a place for that ... I was looking for [Vikings coach Brad] Childress. I didn't think it was right, but they've got to see us next year. They've got to see us. You better believe I'll have that one circled on the calendar, but I say that, we get paid to stop them. I don't care what's called, but sometimes I don't think there was much class in that decision to do what he did."

Does Brooking have a point here? Should Minnesota kept it on the ground or does he need to be mad at his own unit for not making the play?

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If you don't like, stop it.

I'm sick of so called "pro players" bitching about a team beating them. If you don't like it stop em. Sour grapes on the cowboys part.

He's right if it was the cowboys we would have kick a field goal or simply down the ball. I wish i was on the team so i can smash some heads when we next meet. Hope saints crush vikings.

It was bush league, run-up-the-score nonsense. It's the kind of stuff Brady and New England is famous for. It's the kind of stuff Favre has pulled before, too. Classless. But then that's Favre.

These are the frigging playoffs, not pee-wee football. The Cowboys seem upset that the Vikings continued playing long after the Cowboys gave up.

WAY to go VIKINGS!!!!! Cowboy your heart out...the VIKINGS are THE classiest!!!

You don't like it? Stop it. He was on the defense, he shouldn't be whining. This is the fricking NFL, the best of the best are played millions to play football. I don't ever want to hear it about running up the score. You simply don't take your foot off the pedal, especially in the playoffs. Besides, Vikings had a few scores to settle with Dallas and so did Favre.

You don't keel over and quit trying to score in the playoffs, even if you are ahead. Boo-hoo Cowgirls, cry me a river. And Brookings needs to be asking himself why didn't him and his defense stop the play if they didn't like it so much instead of whining that other team did it.

oh please... quit whining, you are there to play, you are there to win, and you are there to prepare mentally and physically for the next game. Sour grapes.

Ray and Kev, you're just upset that the Vikings won, by a lot. You might also be upset that the Cowboys Defense didn't do anything stop the Vikings from scoring 27 points before that last play. Brooking should of kept his mouth shut. If he wanted to something about, do it in field, while it still mattered.

Keith, don't worry. You'll still get your participation trophy.

You play for 60 minutes or don't play at all...

Sour grapes. Brooking was right about one thing -- he is paid to stop exactly what he accused the Vikings of doing. The playoffs are as much about momentum as about the current game, and the score of the Vikings-Cowboys game uhy43ysent a clear message to the Saints: "bring it."

If the Cowboys had given up, then they should have ceded the game. As long as they played, they were trying to win, and if they'd come back, would it have been poor sportsmanship to refuse to pass the Vikings' point total?

Keith Brooking is a poor sport.

Funny that he is so fired up, and in the background of the picture his coach seems to be having a good ole time.
For God sake Wade, you team is getting it's bottom beat, maybe you should take it more seriously.....totally classless.

Brooking's own actions were classless. When you get your tail kicked go back to your own sideline and cry to yourself about your mediocre performance. DO NOT yell at the opposing teams head coach for coaching a superior team. If you don't want the other team to score stop them. That is want NFL Defenses are supposed to do. Brooking is an old failure. FAVRE is a legend and one of the greatest to ever touch a football.

Brooking and Tony Homo should consider being assistant Wal-Mart greeters with their failure of a head coach Wade Philips.

May they enjoy their offseason when the Vikes are still playing.

IT'S A GAME!!!!! so the vikings are supposed to sit around after 27-3 lead that won the game? NO, they play for 60 minutes, now the Saints are "classless" faking a field goal and an onside kick earliuer this season for apparent reason, Saints have no right tbo be bragginf right now especially to a loss to the Bucc's at home. Vikings will beat them

Maybe the Cowboys should have played better. I'm a Vikings fan but I wasn't too happy to see them score another as the game was long over. Brooking's response was embarrassing.

If you call yourself 'Americas team' and it's your first time in the playoffs in like 15 years, deserve to have the score run up on you.
atta way Vikes!

Brooking is a cry baby. Hope he enjoys his long offseason. He is washed up. What a sore loser. He is a pathetic Loser. Look at the picture... Philips is laughing. Maybe he won't be laughing when he Jerry Jones fires him.

America's Team... I think not.

I love America, but America is crapping the bed if they want these losers to be their team.

I don't care what side you are on - if you are complaining about losing a playoff game by 1 point or 100 points, find a new job. This has nothing to do with sportsmanship... this has to do with a grown man crying about losing a PROFESSIONAL football game.

From the 11 yard line and not needing 3 points, I myself would just run another offensive play to waste more time. His arguement is pointless.

Did anyone take the time to consider, maybe, just maybe, the vikes going for it on 4th down to get one more score and rub it in was a perfectly reasonable response to the Cowboys classless decision to call 3 timeouts when they were clearly out of the game?

Oh Brooking, put on your big boy pants. This is the NFL, it's the playoffs- it's not high school.

Grow up, quit whining. You should have stopped them.

So I'm confused... scoring the 4th TD was classless but running over to the opposing sideline to yell at the coach and QB is classy? Since the Cowboys could only manage a measly 3 points, does that mean it was classless to score the 2nd and 3rd touchdowns also? sounds like another whiny Dallas fan/coach/owner/player that needs something to blame the loss on. At least they aren't blaming it on the officials this game.

I'm not a Cowboy's fan or Vikings hater but love the game of football and that was a classless move, something the old school coaches would have never done.

I don't have a problem with the Vikings going for the TD at the end of the game; however, I disagree with the extra point call...they should have gone for 2.

Seriously, Poor Favre cannot catch a break. Someone always has to stir up controversy when this man is present. I have yet to hear one person complain about the 45-14 blow out yesterday, but I guess that is Brees~ no class....or else it is a champion on the way to a Superbowl. I guess Favre should have been a gentleman and handed the Cowboys the ball~ My opinion, smart thinking Favre, Shanc has done a lot for the team this year ~ way to put his name in the mix before next week's game. Favre is a great leader and a champion and I for one, am very proud of the way he continues to overcome adversity.

To those calling him a crybaby, seriously he is the classiest player we have, he was iritated because they def could have kicked the field goal, but they just wanted to rub the cowboys face in it, that was what he felt was classless. I bleed silver and blue, but if the cowboys had lost tonight, I had made up my mind that I was cheering for Farve and the Vikings all the way to the super bowl. Thats not the case anymore, I have lost total respect for them. I hope the Saints smash them, and I hate the Saints, almost as much as I hate philly.

Of course, if the Cowboys had a chance to know Favre down at that moment they would have went easy on him, right, and pulled back? Of course not. Its 60 minutes of professional football. Man up.

LOL! What a little baby, this is the NFL is it not? The Vikings were getting paid to score, and the Cowboys were getting paid to try and stop them. The whole Dallas team was talking smack all week about how they were going to destroy the Vikes, so instead of just shutting their mouths, we stapled them shut. Suck it up. Saints are next.

If this were the New England Patriots, he would have a strong point. But the Vikings if anything, have been criticized all season for not putting teams away. I think Favre simply threw a pass to a guy that was open and he happened to be in the End Zone.

I am definitely NOT a Cowboys fan and yes it is their job to stop the play but every team has days where they just can't do things right no matter what. Today was that day for the Cowboys and for the Vikings to take advantage of that and run up the score there was classless and showed a complete lack of respect not only for the Cowboys but for the game! As for Brooking... To play in the NFL it takes more than talent. It takes A LOT of competetiveness and pride. And the Vikings attacked their pride when there was no reason for it. And dont talk about not being able to take the foot off the gas. It was after the 2 minute warning in a 27 to 3 game. The play was completely inconsequential other than to rub the Cowboys nose it it which shows a lack of class in the Vikings part!

The REAL America's Team never pouted like that. This is why the majority of Americans HATES Dallas ... if a franchise can be entitled, this is it. Get out your golf clubs Keith: feel free to yell at the starter when your ball goes in the drink, you bum.

It was definitely a lack of class on the part of the Vikes!

I still remember him crying in '97 after his Yellow Jackets lost to UGA. Not much has changed.

This is NFL playoff football, not pee-wee! When you're down by 24 in the fourth quarter, it's no longer about beating the Cowboys. It's about showing your next opponent that you're on your game for 60 minutes.

Big deal, Dallas lost by 31 instead of 24. Brooking should take it out on the Cowboys offensive line, not the Vikings. Dallas couldn't stop the pass rush and that's why they lost the game.

The fourth down pass was unnecessary, but Childress isn't paid to not hurt the other team's feelings, especially after all of the hype the Cowboys got this week. If scoring one more touchdown gives the Vikings more confidence and momentum going into next week, then that's all Childress needs to care about.

Frankly, if I was Brooking's teammate, I would be embarrassed about him whining so loudly about the other team not showing enough mercy. Just shut your mouth, file it away, and use it as motivation to beat them next time.

What don’t you understand Keith! Every player in the NFL has markers they have to meet to achieve bonuses in their contract.
Why should they give that up to appease your feeling? Grow up and enjoy your millions little boy!

Please sop scoring guis.

BS the Cowboys would have kicked a field goal there. Almost every team at any level of football would have went for it on 4th down there. Aren't you football fans? You should know that. If they would have kicked a field goal then what would people say -- They're running up the score! Teams generally run instead of passing in that situation, but the invariably go for it. Given the timing though, the Vikings wanted to get a first down and end the game with kneel-downs. Favre was under pressure and had to just throw it (you expect him to take a sack for Cowboy pride?) and the guy who was open was the guy in the end-zone. Besides, no one here finds it extremely ironic for Cowboy fans of all people to talk about class?

BooooHoooooo. Brooking would have been happy as a clam if Dallas had put a capper on the Vikes. If he had such a problem with the touchdown, the first answer is he should have PLAYED HARDER.

America's team my butt.

Well there's Brooking's explaination and then there's the DVR.

Dallas was blitzing, at least 2 Cowboys were chasing Favre. Does anyone here think they would have "softly" sacked Favre if they caught up with him because the game was "over"? I doubt it. They would have buried him.

And you'd have to be pretty hard-headed not to admit it was a very good, if not awesome, throw and catch.

I guess the Cowboys don't remember 1994 when they beat the Pack 35-9. The Cowboys went for it on fourth down and scored with three minutes to play in the game. Maybe that is why Jimmy Johnson basically said, "there is no crying in football." Woody Hayes said it best in a game against Michigan, Ohio State was up by 17 and scored a TD. Instead of going for the extra point, Woody Hayes went for two. When asked why he went for two, Hayes said, "because I couldn't go for three.

I guess the Cowboys don't remember 1994 when they beat the Pack 35-9. The Cowboys went for it on fourth down and scored with three minutes to play in the game. Maybe that is why Jimmy Johnson basically said, "there is no crying in football." Woody Hayes said it best in a game against Michigan, Ohio State was up by 17 and scored a TD. Instead of going for the extra point, Woody Hayes went for two. When asked why he went for two, Hayes said, "because I couldn't go for three.

I guess the Cowboys don't remember 1994 when they beat the Pack 35-9. The Cowboys went for it on fourth down and scored with three minutes to play in the game. Maybe that is why Jimmy Johnson basically said, "there is no crying in football." Woody Hayes said it best in a game against Michigan, Ohio State was up by 17 and scored a TD. Instead of going for the extra point, Woody Hayes went for two. When asked why he went for two, Hayes said, "because I couldn't go for three.

"When you're down by 24 in the fourth quarter, it's no longer about beating the Cowboys. It's about showing your next opponent that you're on your game for 60 minutes."

Exactly! The last touchdown was all about showing New Orleans who would be "marching in" to their house next Sunday.

As a Dallas resident I agree with many people here, GO VIKINGS!!! Jerry Jones defines classless and since he took ownership the Cowboys have been nothing but thugs and crybabies. Brooking is just mad because he was outplayed by a 40 year old.

Leave the coach out of it, Brett is the one that runs the Viking's. I hope he is still around next year.

Bring on the Saints, I hope the Vikings score a touchdown up 41-6 in the fourth next week too!! A win is a win sorry about the whoopin Dallas. Better luck next season!

That was the most exciting game of the playoffs so far and why shouldn't the Vikings jump up and down and score until the very last second? This is NFL football.....I hope the senior citizen #4 goes all the way to Miami!

Here is how football works: Favre gets paid to try to score touchdowns. Brooking gets paid to try to prevent Favre from doing so. Brooking should shut the fuck up and do his job next time. Enjoy the off-season, Cowboys.

Dear Keith Brooking:

Yeah, I am guessing you weren't complaining when Jamal Anderson and Dan Reeves were doing the "Dirty Bird" on the Metrodome carpet 11 Years ago, when you were on that Falcon team. Shut up and enjoy your offseason.

Was it classless? Yes. Should Brooking have done that? No. Both were classless. It has nothing to do with statements as Anathema777 and Brenda stated. There was no point for them to get another touchdown. They were in run mode, and cowboys were in run defense.

Simply uncalled for.

Regardless...go Vikings.

In the playoffs, you're not just playing one team; you are playing your next opponent as well. Statements being made - as is the case with the 4th TD pass by Favre - aren't exclusively directed at the opposition that particular day. It's a statement being made to their future opponent. The Vikings needed to counter with the statement the Saints made on Saturday. Simple as that.

What a bunch of babies! Wah wah wah, all the crying in the world is not going to change the fact that Dallas lost and lost BIG! Act like pros and not babies. It made me laugh out loud when i saw Keith Brooking being a bad sport and letting the whole world know what a baby he is!!

The Cowboys and the Vikings are both classless. Dennis Green's Vikings threw a long bomb at the end of a game against the Packer's when they were way ahead near the end of the game so this is nothing new. The Cowboys kicked unnecessary field goals and I remember Reggie White getting really ticked. The maddest I ever saw him. So it's too bad both teams couldn't lose today. Go Saints! Brookings had a natural reaction that I could understand after a frustrating loss but Brad Childress looks like the kind of weasel who used to throw a snowball at you and then run in his house and hide behind his mother's skirts. Usually those kids usually ended up doing an assisted face plant into a snowbank.

Cry me a river!

In 1996 the cowgirls were leading Green Bay 18-3 with seconds remaining in the game and instead of taking a knee, they called timeout so they could kick a record 7th field goal in the game.

I think Dallas is one of the most conceited and cocky teams in the NFL and they got it handed to them today. May the best team go all the way, if it's the Vikings, good for them. I must say for 40 yrs old, Favre looked damn good out there and proved even more to his critics that he can still roll with the young guys... (and beat them) #4-ever!!!!!!!!!!

Time to wake up Kieth. I thought there were no cry babies in the NFL. The vikings showed up to play some football, the cowboys left their game somewhere in Texas. Pull up a chair next sunday and root for the Vikings.....your division champion!!!!!!!

Brookings was just unset because he wanted to do his sorry-ass chant before the game, attempting to fire his team up.

CLASSLESS ...what goes around comes around......maybe thats why viqueens have won a grand total of ZERO super bowls...losers!!!!...saints will crush them next week....

Look a couple plays before that last td and you will see the same Brookings doin' a little unsportsmanlike activity on I believe it was B. Berrian after he caught a sideline pass. Brookings plants his forearm into the jugglar of Berrian and pushes down for several seconds. Viking players talked about that after the game, so perhaps it was a little "payback". Brookings is a loser and a poor one at that. Blame the Vikings when it's his job to stop the other team from scoring. Also, in 1996 da' boys were leading Green Bay 18-3 with seconds remaining in the game and instead of taking a knee, they called timeout so they could kick a record 7th field goal in the game.

Do you think "classy" play would have been for the Vikings to hand the ball over on second or third down and dogpile the Cowboy? LMAO, stop the whining.Defense do your job.

The game is 60 minutes. If you as a player are unwilling to play the full game then do something about it; don't whine.

What an embarrassing tirade by Brooking! Waaaah....mommy the other team scored...waaaah!

The classless thing, was not so much the touchdown
but the celebration on a garbage touchdown,
it gave them nothing, yet they celebrated like
it was the go-ahead touchdown in a close game.
Show respect for the game. No body respects a
bully, and that's what they looked like!

Circling the date on the calendar...

Good grief. Get over it.

so let me get this straight. because you were playing SO BAD, you feel the other team should have been nice and half a$$ed it towards the end to spare your obviously fragile feelings from getting hurt because you screwed up your own chances to move forward towards the superbowl? I thought this was football, not daycare.

I HIGHLY doubt they'd have given the Vikings or any other team the same courtesy if they were in that position. Wasn't it the Cowboys talking smack this week about how they were going to thouroughly and completely kick the Viking's a$$es today? How is it the viking's fault they didn't deliver?

Someone needs to grow up. You talked smack, you got smacked in turn. Don't write a check your tush can't cash. You say you're going to win big, you win big or don't blame the other team when you don't.

It's not the Vikings fault you didn't bring it. Start looking at yourself and your team as to why they were even to get that much of a score on you, instead of worrying about whether or not they were mean and scored when they didn't have to. Besides, how did they get that last score if the cowboys didn't let them? Could have stopped them. Could have slowed them down. Didn't. Not their fault. Sorry.

Was brookings this upset when Dallas spanked Philly last week??

Since when is football "classy"??? I think if we are paying MILLIONS of $$$$ a year, then they had better play EVERY play 100%! Dallas gave up, Vikings didn't, PERIOD.

Was brookings this upset when Dallas spanked Philly last week??

Sorry, Keith... we weren't aware that you were tapping out or crying "UNCLE!!!" Next time, take it like a man!

Hey, this is the pro's. Act like youve been there. Bunch of babies, crying because you suck so bad and they should show you mercy. gimme a break, I hate Farvabean and those minne morons, but seriously take out your tampons

Dude didn't think it was classless to mock the falcons earlier this season when he ran up and down flapping his arms after winning. He didn't think that was a classless act against former teammates and against former fans.

The vikings don't hold a candle to Brookings when it comes to classlessness and poor sportsmanship.

Cowboys said they were going to kick the crap out of the vikings… they made it sound like it would be a 40-0 game. They weren’t going to show any mercy.

Vikings took them at their word and came into the game with the same mind frame. Take no prisoners, show now mercy, win win win and win big.

why do people have issues with that? What’s with all this, let the time run out just to be nice crap? it’s like 5 year old pee wee football. even if you lose every single game, we’ll still give you an award to make you feel good about yourself. No one is allowed to excell, no one is allowed to win, no one is allowed to be a VIP because it will make the other team feel bad… so we’re ALL VIPs.

give me a break. Maybe that works for 5 year olds… but when you’re 30 something and making a million dollars, it’s play good, or go home. You’re not going to be rewarded for playing bad. and if that means the other team is going to stick it to you by making an unnecessary touch down, that’s your own fault for falling that far behind.

Dallas is a bunch of whiny cry-babies when they loose, but yet they had no problem of running up the score against other teams. What a bunch of losers. I loved every minute of it. Romo chocked again in the playofffs. It was great!

I thought the game of football was for sixy-minutes. I guess the Vikings should have just sat on the turf for the last few minutes, giving the ball away so the whining Cowboys could score a touchdown - after all, that was the only way they would have gotten one today. A very unprofessional (and classless) outburst from Mr Brooking.

Someone get baby Brookings his formula.

Someone get baby Brookings his formula or this fool's gonna be crying all night.

Viking fans are incredible, but when you have never won anything that type of classless act can be expected. I'm not sure if anyone on here actually watched the game the cowboys were dominating the Vikings until Flozell Adams got hurt. So I hope Brad and Brett and all you viking fans go and watch the first twenty minutes of that game. You will get 60 minutes of that next year. Oh yeah one off balance typical bad decison by favre to rice that should of been intercepted had sensabaugh turned around. But if you can actually defend that last touchdown instead of having enough class to admit that it was poor decison well thats on you. Well I guess you can go look at your five lombardi trophies that you Have Lmao. Btw prior to that play at the end I was happy for favre and the Vikings and hoped they would of beat New orleans. No more Brett Fave 19 season one super bowl win one Super Bowl loss who's overated. Also He played and continues to play in the weakest division in football. Wonder what his Longevity or stats would of been if he played in the nfc east for 19 years. He couldn't even make it one full year in the Afc east without injury. So all you Viking loser who are routing for a man that has whipped your under achieving Vikings for 17 years. Et tu Brutis

Just look at the photo. Look at the tantrum on his face and the fact that the Dallas sideline is laughing at him.

It was 4th down with 1 minute and 55 seconds to go. For as long as Brett Favre has been in the NFL, he should know better then to pull some shit like that. All he had to do was kneel the ball or punt it. The Cowboys still would have lost. I will guarantee when the Cowboys play the Vikings next year, there will be multiple injuries on the field and they will all be for the Vikings.

Yea! Yea! Yea!
Cowgirls died today!

One of them, the crybaby Brookings
whined about the mighty Vikings

Who is this clown Romo?
Just an overpaid h@mo?

For the Vikings it was quite a joy
To kick the a$$ of the Cowboy

Anyone says Vikes haven’t class
Is big, fat, and full of gas

For the rest of the world it is just fine
If the Cowboy fans want to whine

I’ll say it now, don’t think it ain’t
Next week it may be, down with Saints!

The Dallas guy has no shame, crying like a baby because they were beaten. Maybe that's why the COLTS came back from way down and beat the Patriots. The Patriots thought they won and refused to score anymore and the COLTS came back.

Always keep the hammer down, if Dallas wants to be quitters that's their problem. It is not the Vikings job to wet nurse the feelings of the quitting Cowboys.

That last touchdown gave the Vikings a Boost it gave the crowd a boost. They are going to need any boost they can get for the next game. Maybe the boost sucked more wind out of Dallas, well that's fine because they have a year to get over it. The Vikings are still in the hunt and have bigger things to worry about than some cry babies.

Maybe the NFL should agree that the Cowboys can play 12 men until they get on their feet.

That is not bush league, the offence needs to stay finely tuned for the next game. It's not a problem for the coach to try and execute a play that may be crucial against the saints. Dallas no matter where there are get the calls, I've never seen fans and players with a bigger sense of entitlement. Poor sports, Favre is a great QB and has a ton of class.

Brookings is just a scared little schoolgirl sissy. If he cared so much about the final score, then he should have tried harder over the 60 minutes instead of just phoning it in an taking his paycheck. And the Comboys ran up the score on Philly, but I guess that was "classy"??

Lets see, everyone wanted the Vikings to sit on their A*ses and do nothing for a few minutes just to "be nice"

this is football, not a friendly game of touch football in your backyard!

Oh grow up already people. God I love Cowboy and Packer fans. "Waaaa he scored an unnecessary touchdown yesterday. waaaa he hurt der feewings. waaaa he shouldn't have done it. boo hoo hoo."

just because your team sucked so royally they couldn't even score a single touchdown, can't blame that on the other team. What, you didn't want them to bring their A-game even in the end just because the cowboys have as fragile egos as they do bad skills on the field?

what about when the biggest whiner on the team, Brookings, taunted the Falcons by running up and down their sideline flapping his arms when they beat the Falcons? Was THAT sportsmanship? The falcons lost... did they need to be taunted too?

What kind of message would the vikings send their next opponents if they threw the last play of the game? "We're big softies..." Instead they told the next team... "We're bringing our A-game. Even if we're way ahead, we show no mercy. So don't under estimate us like the Cowboys did."

wasn't it the cowboys who were talking smack all week about how they were going to devour the vikings and kick their arses thouroughly? The Vikings really took it to the loudmouth cowboys who wrote a check their butts couldn't cash come game time...

not Favre's fault. Not the vikings fault. Packers and Cowboys just suck this year. Get over it

This is the pros where you get payed boat loads of money you take that money and you play your heart out and that is what Brett Favre is doing. What you don't do is take your boat loads of money quit because your losing and then cry like a little girl because the other team is beating you to pulp. If you don't want them to score do something about it. I am not a Minnesota fan I'm not a fan of Brett Favre but like I said he's playing with is heart rather than complaining because things aren't going his way.

I agree with Brookings. Bret Favre is definitely classless. Maybe that is why Green Bay refused to let him come back into the organization when he first (How many times???? I lost count) changed his mind about retiring. Green Bay was probably tired of his self centered attitude and just wanted to move on as a team and they did. Now he is showing his backside with The Vikings.....

Only way that last TD makes a difference is point spread, and I'm sure Brooking didn't bet on the game.

Cowboys aren't complaining about the score. They were complaining about the Vikings running a pass play when the Cowboys had pulled back on defense and were expecting them to just run out the clock. That's not scoring, that's a sucker punch, and it's always considered out of line in the NFL. When Buddy Ryan's Eagles faked a kneel down in the final moments, then threw a TD, the Eagles players apologized to the Cowboys for it afterwards, saying they knew it was low class. In this case, though, the Vikes didn't apologize, they just showed their true character.

Someone above mentioned the game where the Cowboys kicked a late field goal against the Eagles, and Reggie White went ballistic. The Cowboys only did that because it gave the kicker a record, and Reggie apologized for reacting that way when he learned that.

I don't care who you are... in the post-season you knock down the other team and put your foot on their neck. AND you keep it there until the clock runs out. There's no "mercy rule" in Pro Sports! Seriously! Win or Go Home. Every team is out to prove they are dominant... and the Vikings did that. As did N.O. over Arizona. Welcome to playing with the Big boys. Take off your diapers and put on your big-boy pants... ok?!

I was upset that the Vikes didn't go for the 2 point conversion after Brooking strated crying. Then Try the onside kickoff also.

Cowgirls had too much swagger to start the game, and couldn't back it up with their play. WaaaaWaaaaaWaaaa

I'm taking the middle ground here - it was neither classy nor classless for the Vikings to score that last touchdown. I think it was just a matter of running a play, finding an open man, and doing what you're paid to do. I doubt that Favre carefully planned this with evil intent. He just did what he's been paid to do for the last 19 years - get it to the open man. The thing I don't understand is why anyone would take a chance on throwing an interception that might have been returned for a touchdown. Dallas did have that option open if they had covered the receiver better. In fact, if they had run this one back, scored on a two point conversion, successfully kicked an on side kick, scored again, converted again, kicked on side again, etc.....who knows? They might have won the game. You just never know in the NFL.

Typical Texas crybaby. Play hard or go home.

Vikings should have run up the score even more just to spite Jerry Jones. Is he the most pompous owner in sports or what? Owners should just sit in their box suite and not walk the sidelines.

Bush League? Bush league was when Crybaby Brooking held Berrian down and then elbowed him before letting him up.

Classless? Are you Nancy's kidding me? It was 34-3 not 70-3. I've never understood you tools that think a team should go easy on the other because of the score. Yea, that's a great coaching moment..."hey guys, let's take it easy on the other team because I'd hate for someone to accuse us of running up the score."

For all you d-bags that think this is classless, don't forget to pick up your participation trophy on your way out. "I know you didn't play, but everyone is a winner Johnny!" Reminds of youth soccer down at the YMCA.

Got a news flash for ya Keithy. It's not about you. It's about being entirely ready to move to the next level for the winning team. And you're not on that team, now are you?

dominating huh? if being down 14-3 is dominating, I agree

How bout them CowGIRLS. Brooking total forgot the scroe between the Patriots and Titans 59-0, that's right. Favr should have went for TWO points. Brooking, keep talking and there is always next year, guess what THE DROUGHT CONTINUES. lol

We all know if that had been the Cowboys scoring again, Keith would be cheering and excited because that's what you do when your team scores...especially in the playoffs. You want as much momentum as possible going into your next game. I am a Tennessee fan and if a team ever done that to me, it would suck yeah but I wouldn't get all pissy about it. The biggest win possible is what you want going to play the Saints in New Orleans... Good luck to Minnesota and I hope Brett and te Vikings go all the way!

From Sheil Kapadia on "moving the chains"

With about 2:30 left in that game, the Cowboys faced a 4th-and-2 from the Eagles' 35-yard line. They were up, 24-0 (the exact point differential in yesterday's game before the final TD). Dallas could have easily taken a knee and given the Eagles' offense the ball back with 2:20 left, but Romo dropped back and looked for a receiver before getting sacked by Juqua Parker.

On that day, I remember no such footage of Brooking barking at Romo or offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and lecturing them about class and respect. But maybe the cameras just didn't catch that part.

'Nuff Said what a short memory Brookings has

I am a die hard cowboys fan, i have been that way for as long as i can remember. Going in to sunday i sided with some friends if dallas got beat i would cheer brett all the way he deserves another ring. I don't agree with that call but dallas should have stopped them. As a dallas fan to all dallas fans jerry jones is classless brett is a future hall of famer who deserves respect from every nfl fan he has earned that. So Vikings good luck get brett another ring but look out for my boys THE DALLAS COWBOYS WILL GET THERE REVENGE.

Brooking and his Atlanta team mates did the "Dirty Bird" to flaunt all the Viking crowd at the Metrodome after the Falcons beat the Vikes years ago in the playoffs. That seems far more "classless" than scoring a touchdown. Seems he has a short memory...or it's different when he's the one getting the beating.

now was keith brooking crying when the did the same thing the week prior to the eagles. i cant stand that shyt...its just football when your team does it but when it is done against you its a problem shut up and play football your makeing millions of dollars walk off the field like a grown man stop acting like a little bytch if your qb wasnt scared of a big game maybe you would of won or if your linebacking group could cover they wouldnt have put 34 up on you...

Kevave you are an idiot you are as big as a whiner as brooking we kicked you ass so shut the hell up if the cowboys could have stopped us it wouldn't of mattered now would it not to mention did anyone bitch about the saints beating the cards by thirty some shut the hell up and stop bitching the cowgirls suck americas team deffinately ain't the cowboys

Sour grapes, indeed. Brooking totally embarrassed himself with that comment, and his team. Remember when Wade Phillips commented that "the better team lost" after losing to the Giants during the first round of the playoffs? This team walks around with a tremendous sense of entitlement, but can't back it up on the field. Bogus.

Regardless of which side you fall on, let's look at some facts.

First, the above story that compares Romo's regular season drop back to Favre is comparing apples to oranges. First, It was the final game of the season against a division rival Phil. Eagles, who the Cowboys were going to face the following week. Even if the Cowboys did run up the score, it is part of the game to place doubts in the minds of your next weeks opponents. I think the Cowboys did that in the first half. Second, The last 8 Cowboys plays of the game were either run plays or Romo dropping to a knee and the play in question was not intended to score a TD, it was intended to run out the clock which was evidenced by Romo taking the shotgun snap and running towards his own end zone and falling two the ground without even the slightest evidence of trying to make a pass. Third, knowing the Eagles had another crack at them next week, the Eagles had an opportunity the Cowboys did not.

When the Cowboys met the Eagles in the playoff, the last 8 plays were runs and then with two minutes left, on a drive that had gotten as close as the Eagle 16, the Cowboys punted from the Eagles 30. They could have gone for a TD, or an FG, but put it out of the end zone which put it 10 yards up, on the 20.

This was the Cowboys showing class against a rival that as was noted above, has done some of the most notorious classless acts against the Cowboys in the past.

Was Brookings smart to do what he did? Who knows, maybe he will use this to motivate his team next year. Did Favre and Childress know this was as the game announcers said "Salt in a wound" or "rubbing their face in it", yes. It is possible, that Favre wanted to set the 4 TD record, and if so, he should have said so later. The idea that Favre had no choice but to go for a TD is ridiculous.

What we are witnessing is the different standard people apply to the Cowboys. It is much like the way people view the Yankees. The Cowboys have been the most dominant team in the NFC and the Vikings are 4 time Super Bowl losers, so its natural for them to want to see Dallas get scuffed up.

Jay Leno and others made jokes that Romo choked. His numbers were almost identical to Favres regarding completions, yards, first downs, and so on. The Minn defensive line played a good game and the make shift Dallas Kicker muffed opportunities. Writers pointed to Romo's one interception and two lost fumbles as proof he was a choker. Romo later spoke of the game and took all the blame for the loss. Ironically Favre and Romo were the best at number one and two respectivley on the regular season int/att list.

So what did the Vikings do the next week. they muffed plays again and again. Pushed themselves to the fringe of FG range with 12 men in the huddle... Fumbled throughout the second half and Favre was responsible for several fumbles and two interceptions. His last interception will go down as one of the worst mistakes in playoff history. He blew the game. He choked. Like Romo, Favre is a gunslinger that is exciting to watch and plays a high risk game. He made a stupid mistake by taking a stupid risk that cost them the playoffs. It was a far worse muff than a rookie QB who had only played in half a dozen NFL games taking his team to the playoffs and dropping a PAT snap. But the Cowboys are covered differently by the media, which is just fine.

Talk about crybabies. He waited to come to the post game after the Network cut away. He cried at the lecturn. He didn't take responsibility for the loss like Romo, but instead talked about if the legend would continue next year with his return. If Brookings was wrong to call out his opponents, he did not make excuses for his own performance, Minnesota blamed the refs. They claimed they were robbed and said the game was rigged.

What Brookings did was something said between two teams on the field. Trash talk happens all the time and what he said is true, next year everybody will circle that game on their calendar. Everybody loves rivalries and the Networks love the Cowboys because more people tune in to see the team they love or hate get what they deserve. Anyone that thinks the Vikes didn't know what they were doing is either stupid or lying. Did they do it for Favre's record or to get in the face of the Cowboys, take your pick. It is stupid, because what goes around comes around. The Vikings were more classless as losers last week than anything and watching a Super Bowl with two number one seeds is far preferable to two weeks of "Favre vs Manning" chit chat that would surely make the entire nation nauseous. The Hapless Saints deserve a trip to the Super Bowl if anyone does. It would be poetic justice for one of the losingest teams in sports have something Minnesota has never had, a Super Bowl Championship.

Classless as losers is the history of the Vikings, which is why they are 0 for 4 in the Super Bowl and the gods of the gridiron obviously didn't want them in the big game stinking it up.

Go Saints.

Keith Brookings ROCKS!!!! He was right the Vikings are totally CLASSLESS!!!!! I agree that I can't waite to see the Cowboys take on the Vikings again. I only wish I could be on the Team with Keith as he and the rest of the Cowboys smash Vikings heads. They should start with Favre and Shiancoe oh and don't forget Jared Allen!

Another Minnesota victory over Dallas! Brooking IS a little crybaby. I don't hear him whining and bitching now! With that said, I do take comfort in knowing that the Dallas Cowboys have the only head coach dumber than ours.

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