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Cubs bring back Greg Maddux - as an assistant to GM Jim Hendry

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Greg Maddux is a Cub again. No, he won't be pitching, but he will be helping general manager Jim Hendry figure out what to do with his pitchers.

Maddux is about to be announced as a special assistant to Hendry, helping the embattled GM with player development. Maddux will be a season-long presence for player evaluation.

Maddux's will help Spring Training instruction for, as well as scouting during the season.

Maddux will reportedly be available anytime to Hendry during the season to evaluate minor-leagues and give the GM input on trades, free agent signeings and other player moves.

Maddux has always been touted as one of the smartest players in the game and his impact on young pitchers is second-to-none. But does he have enough mojo to turn the Cubs system around?

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Greg should have been in cubby blue his whole career. It's wonderful to have him back home. They couldn't have picked a better person to spot pitchers and what they need to succeed. Cheers to the Cubs on a great move.

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