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Colt McCoy engaged to Rachel Glandorf, proposed on the football field

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Thumbnail image for glandorf2.jpgColt McCoy is making an honest woman out of Rachel Glandorf, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The Texas Longhorns quarterback proposed to his girlfriend Monday night in true romantic fashion.

He brought her to Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium and flashed "Will You Marry Me" on the giant scoreboard.

This just bleeds America.

Glandorf, who you may recognize from some previous posts with little-to-no news value, is a bit of a kindred spirit of ours. In addition to her love of McCoy, she seems to have a love of journalism, as evidenced by the following work.

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+1 for the obviously intentional Jimmy Eat World reference.

I'm a journalist and there's a clear difference in loving journalism and doing it well. Glandorf may have a love of journalism, but her presentation and tone is not at all what a journalist exhibits. I wouldn't be surprised if she got the shot to do as much amateur correspondence as she has due to the fact that she's dating the biggest name in Texas. Sorry sweetheart, you'd have a better shot being taken seriously baking cookies for your children at home than serving hard news to America.

100% Agreed

Journalism Buff: Like most journalists, you're condescending and arrogant.

She actually met McCoy as a result of doing a story about the team, so I'm with Ben.

actually, that's how she met Colt, working in Austin doing journalism

somebody's jealous...

Seriously, it sound like to me some other people are jealous because their name isn't on the internet or the news. Of Course it would have to be a man to say her job will be taking serious if she was baking cookies for her child. Umm... I guess I forgot that we are in America and this is a Country were Woman are just as equal as Men are. I think she did a great job as a starter journalist, and like all journalist she will get better at it when she does more. So to "Journalism Buff", your a pig. Don't be sad that you could never get a girl like that. It's not nice to be little someone that you can't ever Measure up to.

who cares if she isnt the greatest journlist i'd watch her talk anyday she's beautiful and she is talking about the greatest college ever. so back off her . you just wish you could look as good as her out there doing her job. oh congrats to both of yall hope your marriage last .

who cares if she isnt the greatest journlist i'd watch her talk anyday she's beautiful and she is talking about the greatest college ever. so back off her . you just wish you could look as good as her out there doing her job. oh congrats to both of yall hope your marriage last .

I thought she did just fine, hater. Perhaps you've just forgotten your early years, hmmm?

It doesn't take a "journalist buff" to know that she's not very good at reporting, that's for sure. But she does look as if she will be especially effective at cookie making and sitting at home. Soccer moms make the world go round so props to her.

I sure hope he got a pre-nup. In five years, he will too. She may not be the best at what she does, but she'll have more money than she could ever earn.

FYI to the fellow posters of this fine blog, I am a WOMAN. Yes, vagina intact and all. And no, my early days were not as shaky as I took it dead serious to the point of having to train myself to speak in news tone as the rest do. It's great that people try for what they like, but let's not butcher a profession if you just don't have a knack for it. I also was a Baylor graduate and now I am networked. Ms. Glandorf was able to get the inside scoop on sports reporting due to her status as a track member. It's all politics, but we all know how the world works. Let's not hide behind our sheltered impression that the world is full of hard-working people.

Don't worry Journalism Buff. The chick won't go any further with journalism. Notice how she always sat next to dad at the games because the cameras were there? She only sat next to mom once. 0h well. Out with Colt and in with Gilbert. Don't see us remembering Colt like we do Vince or Ricky or Earl.

My brother plays for UT so I know them both. doesn't anyone realize this poor girl was an INTERN not a professional? To sbgnow, clearly you haven't been to a game in Texas. Heard of a bathroom or drink break since its damn hot? Maybe you might shift seats. I know for a fact that most games Rach sat by Mrs. McCoy and was the camera on them every game? No. SHame on you all for speaking like you know her. she puts up with a ton it seems like. give her a break

I know her. I went to highschool with her. She's nice. Didn't figure her for a journalist but she was typically in our school plays. Real good at volleyball, basketball and track, so I wouldn't be surprised if their kids were good athletes.

I coached Rachel in vollebyball for a short time at VCHS. She was a stand-out girl then and I'm sure still is.

Are you guys serious? I think she did a great job. I know Rachel and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The relationship will last as their relationship is Christ centered. Rachel, if you read these comments I know you are way too smart to let these people get you down! Everyone who knows you knows that you are very genuine and kind. Congrats on the marriage!

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