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Brett Favre says he's 'highly unlikely' to play again

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The Watch is officially on. Brett Favre is doing his now annual retirement song and dance.

Favre, who spent the NFC Championship game getting pounded into the turf courtesy of the Super Bowl-bound New Orleans Saints, tells ESPN's Ed Werder he's leaning toward ending his career. Again. For now.

In fact, the 40-year-old, who said after his valiant, but losing effort in the Louisiana Superdome Sunday night that he felt more like 49, said he's "highly unlikely" to come back. If true - and until the middle of training camp, nothing is certain - Favre will end a brilliant career on an interception at the end of regulation.

Of course, the man's probably too beat up to get into his Wranglers by himself, so this declaration may end up meaning very little, as Favre retirement announcements often do. So Vikings owner Zygi Wilf would be well-advised to keep the corporate jet available and coach Brad Childress should have his Escalade gassed up for the trip to the airport.

And all NFL fans need to come to grips with the beginning of the Favre Watch season, which runs through mid-summer. Maybe we can make a drinking game out of it or something.


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Hey Minnesota, enjoy the ride this Summer.

- Packer fan

Like Terry Bradshaw said, "Favre is the greatest QB I've ever seen". he was amazing yesterday. The Vikes had no business being in that game that last drive with all the fumbles from Peterson and late hits from the Saints defense. The only reason they had a chance is because of Brett. The Saints went in to knock Brett out, happily accepting the roughing the passer calls to get him out. Because they knew they couldn't beat him fairly. You didn't see the Vikes D headhunting Brees. The Vikes should trade Peterson to shore up the O line. The real tragedy is that the dirty Saints, led by despicable Shaun Peyton, have probably sent 2 Hall of Fame QBs into retirement (along with Kurt Warner). So much for the league protecting QBs.

Nobody loves speculation about Brett Favre as much as Brett Favre. For the love of God, as a 50 yr old NFL sports fan, I'm begging you!
Please save us all from the thousand sports columns on "what Brett is going to do". I'll tell you. After training camp is over, Brett will take a private jet from Miss to St.Paul where he will announce his return because he "loves his teammates and this game so much"
and will sacrifice himself once more so he can grace the NFL with his Brettness.

Hey Green Bay, we took your recycled quarterback and he had his best year ever. The ride is clearly worth it, have fun ending up second in the division.

- NFC North Division Champion Vikings fan

Best photo ever.

We will. Just like we enjoyed sacking Aaron Rodgers 14 times. And NOT getting knocked out of the playoffs our first game.

- Vikings fan

Hey NFC North Division Champion Vikqueens fan....I'd say his best year was when he won the SUPER BOWL oh wait, you don't know what a year like that is I forgot...

Brett Favre....a Y.A. Tittle for our time.

It was clear to me that the officials in the game were trying their best to make sure that the Saints made it to the superbowl. That's all that was talked about after the game was over. About how the city needed this and the NFL wanted to make that happen. In the OT there were three horrible calls. The worst being a pass interference call made on a ball that was clearly uncatchable. Of course, that just happened to put the saints in field gold range. However, I have to admitt that Bretts decsion to through a ball back across the field, when he could have just run out of bounds and put Minnesota in a perfect position to win the game.
The Vikes better hope he comes back, because they have nothing even close in the wings!!!!!!

His aged showed late in the game. He learned in Pop-Warner never,never throw against the grain, against your body when scrambling. The Mind was tired the bidy aching, instead of tucking it and running he threw in the towel.

I am sick of the media and what it has done to a great athlete, team mate and human being. Is he undecided? Has he been undecided in the past? who cares? Most athletes much younger than him couldn't or wouldn't have taken the unnecessary after play hits that he did and keep going, and doing what he does best so effectively. As far as I am concerned, he has more than earned the respect of every football fan out there, like him or not, and whether he retires or not, should not be what is talked about! If you are sick of hearing it, stop asking! That is all you ask both Brett and Kurt! Leave them alone and let them do what they do! They both love the game and the sport and are probably sick of this being the only thing that is ever asked of them and then being chastised for not having an answer! whatever Favre decides, I have loved watching his pure love of football and his incredible integrity both on and off the field

favre on the ground, favre on the ground, turf in his mouth, helmet turned sideways, favre on the ground, favre on the ground.

Packers Fan - you guys only had Brett for over 10 years, we had him for one and look what we did with him. Keep living in the past, we have a bright future to look forward to.

No man can change the hands of time. His is and was a great quarterback. My hats off to him on a Nobel Career. I just think that his last play was the answer to his retirement. It cost them a trip to the Superbowl. You have to be able to play 110% all 60 minutes.....I think his clock ran out at 59:45.

Favre is the best QB to ever play and don't know of anyone else who could have taken the beating he took and still lead his team down the field. The Saints couldn't win playing fairly so their mission from the onset was to kill Brett the same way they beat Kurt Warner.
The Saints may be going to the super bowl, but with their neanderthal and thug mentality won't get far playing against the colts who will kill them with finesse. Favre outplayed Brees completely and if he retires he will go out having played brilliantly against these low life bullies. As bad as I felt for Favre I felt equally embarrassed for the Satons.


Last night i was routing for the Saints. Brett gave it all he could, he got hurt, and took hell of a beating but didn't give up!!! But no one will remember him beating joe montana's record about most yards passed in a playoff game and didnt quit or cry. What everyone is gonna remember is him throwing and interception before the end of the 4th. But if he was wearing green and yellow again we would all kiss his but we all know what happend. Reggie white retired, but came back for the eagles but no one cared on that matter. Ted screwed brett and brett screw thompson

Rogers got to the.playoffs faster than fare did whence was in gb. Also he had a much better about rating. The reason why the queens went further is bc they had better targets. GB should have many good years with Rodgers, Minn will only have questionbmarks with Favre.

I'd love it if he returned, but his health and family should come first. Regardless of his decission, Farve is a midwest demigod that will be loved and welcomed in minnesota. it was wonderful watching him play. he gave a lot of hope to the team, and fans.

COME BACK BRETT. COME BACK. UR A HELLUVA QB. ur a phenomenal player. U played ur heart out and we loved it. U put us in a position to win every game that tjack or sage just could not do. COME BACK.

The Favre saga, the Favre watch, etc.... is and has been the fault of the MEDIA from day one. LEAVE HIM ALONE, quit asking him about retirement and he'll stop talking about it!!!! You started this years ago and wouldn't leave him alone. He never wanted to leave the Packers and everyone knows that, but won't admit it. He gets blamed and called names for things he didn't even do. He is a good family man who does alot of charity work, and loves to play football!!! No, he does not ask for or love all this media attention, who would want all the hateful, judgemental press that this man has been subjected to. All he has ever wanted to do is play football, and so what if he changes his mind!!! Now, media, you shut up and he'll shut up!

Yo Vikqueens Fans... How you all feeling this Morning??? Good old Brett did it again... throw a pick at the worst possible time in the 2nd most important game of the year... oh how we Pack Fans had grown used to that... Good Luck with winning any more NFC North Titles... Bet you would love to have Aaron Rodgers at the helm wouldn't you? Not to worry, in about 15 years when Rodgers is done giving Green Bay NFC North Titles, we'll get a new Quarterback and give you guys the leftovers once again. Oh and by the way, good luck with Tarvaris Jackson next year... In closing, here is a little sympathy song for all you Vikqueen Fans... favre on the ground, favre on the ground, turf in his mouth, helmet turned sideways, favre on the ground, favre on the ground... see ya next year

Hey Pack fans - how did your playoff game start and end?? Oh yeah with and Aaron Rodgers fumble. How ironic!! You want to talk about Favre's interception in the Fourth - that didn't cost the game. What cost the game was the bad ref calling and all the late hits that were found acceptable. So whoever paid off the refs - dirty play and cheaters don't win. Ask Belichek hahahahahaha
Favre is a legend and all you haters deep down love the man for who he is on the field. What other quarterback celebrates the awesome plays and encourages players on the boneheaded plays like Favre?? NOBODY-
Cmon Favre you know you're coming back - you have a hell of team behind you!!! Lets get em next year it will be Favretastic!!!

To the commenter who said we only had Favre for 10 years, get your facts straight. He was a packer for 16 years you moron.

LOL @ the Viking and Packer!!!!

B. Favre's last pass with the Packer = playoff INT.

B. Favre's last pass with the Viking = playoff INT.

This guy has 1 Super Bowl in 19 years and he's the greatest that ever played the position????? PLEASE!!!

Linda S.

My family grew up in Green Bay, and I would have loved for Favre to have stayed with the Pack. But my feelings have always been- If the Pack don't win I want some team in the NFC North to win. After all, we've competed against each other more than any other teams have. In a way, we're all sort of like 2nd cousins. This was a good game that came down to the wire. I'm glad I watched.

vikings protect your quarterback and you win thisgame

All I have to say is, it should have been Vikes and Colts in Super Bowl 44. It would have been an iconic showdown of Favre and Manning.

Farve will go back home & play tractor football for a while & in the meantime the entire sports nation will be in a frenzy while he spins his wore out tale of vacillation until he pops back into the limelight in August, because he has 12 million reasons to.

There have been some great QB's in NFL history- but none better than Brett Favre. I have been grateful that he has been ours this season - and I want to say that one season was NOT enough. Reading the MN Vikings Facebook wall it is obvious I am in the majority- that being those who are grateful to Brett for his true love of the game, his determined resillience to play through extreme pain, to mentor and inspire his fellow teammates (to those of you who havent been riding the wave with us Vikes fans all year- our guys truly have come together, play as a well-oiled machine in most instances and have smiles on their faces most of the time- they have FUN playing and it's infectious to us fans and it has been a blast watching them and BEING A PART of it all- even in spite of some losses along the way). 40 yrs old now, 41 nxt year- a year in the life isnt gonna make all that much more difference and this isnt a shoulder injury to rehab & come back from (which you did and played better than you were playing when you were 30!). 41 might seem old to some- but not for this boy at heart- if he hasnt proven to the sports world how unique and extraordinary he is- no one could! Win a Superbowl at 41 yrs old- heck yeah he can! I BELIEVE with Brett as our QB one more year- it will be our year! So Brett- we love ya, never been more proud of a quarterback, want you to know that and are asking you to answer the call of the Viking Nation; come back and put on a Purple #4 for one more season! We need ya and we want ya- I think I speak safely for the MN Viking fans and the organization! Take it easy! Really hope 2 C U next season; 2010-2011- ALL THE WAY BABY!

Minnesota Fans! Welcome to our world! The colors changed, but not the number or clutch fumbles.
Packer Fan

I have never been a Brett Farve fan but last night I must admit he really impressed me. He took a pounding and kept getting up and I don't think that any other QB in the NFL could have done that!
To hear some people say that The Saints are dirty is just ridiculous though, it is football people. You didn't really think that they were just going to walk out there wearing tutu's and just give it to him cause he is 40 and the all great Brett Farve did you? Yes, there were some late hits and they were called on them....and I am sure if you will stop and look back you will find The Vikings are guilty of a few of those themselves.
Last nights game was great, it was hard fought by both sides and The Saints deserve the win they played a good clean game and to suggest that they are dirty or the NFL did everything they could to make sure they won is just showing that you are a sore looser.
Point blank The Vikings didn't protect their QB and I don't think the three fumbles they made helped them out any the last minutes of the game Farve made a snap decision and it was the wrong one. Both teams deserve credit for last nights game and I don't think any of us should try and take that away from either side.

Can we finally get this bum out of the game. What an overrated cry baby. He is like a little girl in a talent show. NFL interception leader, remember that.

Oh wait, I missed one!

B. Favre's last pass as a member of the NY Jet = INT!!!


Go away, old man!

Linda S.

Will you posters please spell his name right! F A V R E. And it is so funny to read all the Vikings' fans' comments. Read their comments 3 years ago and every one of them hated Favre. Now he wore the Purple and he is your God. Please...the officials never won the game for the Saints. The Vikings lost the game. Stop blaming the officials. You're right, us Packer fans were crushed in an overtime defeat in the first game of the playoffs and you guys made it to the NFC Championship. Here is a plate of cookies. Enjoy them, then go hang your hat on your NFC North wall hanging. Glad to see you finalyy took the NFC Champ picture and merchandise order form off your website.

Two things that keep me warm at night from the past 100+ years. Cubs = 0 World Series Titles. Vikings = 0 Super Bowl trophies.

I said OVER 10 years, glad you can read.

By CijiDunne on January 25, 2010 12:14 PM
To the commenter who said we only had Favre for 10 years, get your facts straight. He was a packer for 16 years you moron.

Hey Saints!

Your welcome.


The Bears

Agree with Larry. I am a casual fan, but like to follow the old guys. The Saints played dirty and what they did to Warner and Favre was wrong. Why does the NFL allow it? Both are worth millions to the NFL and to their teams, but both will probably retire because of the unnecessary poundings they took at the hands of the Saints. Like the Steelers, the Saints don't play rough, they play dirty.

Enough with the whining that the Saints played dirty and the refs gave it to the Saints. This garbage is muttered every time a fan's team gets crushed.

As far as Favre goes, for those non-Packers fans and those not living in or near Wisconsin, he's pulled this pondering retirement crap for the last 10 years. After his media whoring and bawling press conference, that was it. Then he went to the Jets to piss off the Packers. Then he went to the Vikings to really try to piss off the Packers. Uh, two words: GROW UP. A 40 year old with a teenager mentality?

It didn't help that the media over-glorified him for the last 2 seasons. The last Monday night game in which the Vikings lost, instead of interviewing the winning team, there was a 45 minute post game press conference with the QB of the losing team.

That is what ticks me off about Favre. Not that he retired with the Packers, then unretired twice, but once his reasoning was blurted to the public, it became clear that he doesn't give a crap about the team he's with, but only cares about himself. A person like that is not a team player. I'm glad Childress stuck to his guns and refused to cave to Favre's demands. I could only hear "Do you know who the freak I am? I'm Brett freaking Favre!"

He's done it before. He'll do it again. It's not about YOU Brett. Get over yourself.

I was hoping Favre could have left the field with his head held high....... so he could put his lips on that straw to steer his wheel chair!!!!!!!! See you in hell Fagre.

Aric Frith...keep trying to convince yourself of this "bright future" in Minnesota. You people only emerge when the team is good to talk trash like it is a constant. I was listening to ESPN radio the other day and the discussion was NFL teams that will be contenders for the next 5 years. The Chargers were talked about a lot and the Packers were the highlight of the entire show. The vikings weren't even mentioned. Running back careers don't last long, and Favre is a rental. He retired and wanted to waltz back into camp. Rather than being a stupid pushover butt-kisser like Chilly, the Packers didn't like the fact of doing an about face again. That would have paved the way for another Favre retirement after our defense collapesed in 2008 and we'd have Rodgers as a Kansas City Chief looking at two rookies and possibly a move for unemployed Jeff Garcia. So enjoy your fun now, because in a year or so the Packers will rule the NFC North while the vikings dissapear into mediocrity...and as they vanish from contention, most of their deluted fan base will also dissapear.

Hey Vikings fans, you have one of the best to ever play the game. You had one of the best, and most memorable seasons in recent history. But, when Brett left the Packers, and due to the rivalry, we in Wisconsin were a little upset at the fact that he became a Viking, but now that we see that he is the same old Brett, it certainly takes away the sting.

And if you have never been to a three ring circus before, just wait. Brett may put on a show for you this off-season that could upstage Barnum and Bailey.

Thanks a lot for the post! I hope to read from you!

.....and the NFL Championship scoreboard still reads:

Green Bay Packers 12
Minnesota Vikings 0

man he the man he shouldnt retire he the best quarterback in the nfl history i think maybe one more year because he the best in the nfl and he was the oldest nfl player in the nfl

the saints are probably the worst football team this year. If I ever see drew (Probably smokes weed) brees, I will punch him in the stomach. The Vikings actually deserved to win the superbowl. Also, Linda S., you wouldn,t know a good quarter back if he stiff armed you. He has accomplished a superbowl, what have you done?

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