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Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings sing 'Pants on the Ground'

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Big day for Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. Biiiiiiiiig day.

First, they dismantled the Dallas Cowboys 34-3 to advance to the NFC Championship. Then, and perhaps more importantly, they got to sing the song that's sweeping the nation.

That's right, we're talking about "Pants on the Ground."

For those of you who have been actively avoiding the Internet or your annoying co-worker Brad -- whose prone to pop culture trends -- here's the "American Idol" footage that started all this craze.

I warn you, it will be in your head ... forever.

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Go Vikes!! Go Favre. Real life hero.

I cheered for the pack for years and hated the it seems hell froze over...might just take a cheesehead to "finallY" get it done...go brett!!! #4 you the man

hahahaha lol that is soooo funny dude favre is kinda lame and over hyped but go vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE Favre and the Vikings!

Brett Favre is going to the SuperBowl, hands down! It will be Jets v Vikings in SuperBowl 44. Favre vs. his former team. Football has a way of stories that come to light in SuperBowls. So thats this years Bowl guys. Vikings whin the whole thing in a route in SB 44.

Who knew he had a future career in show biz. Yet another difference between us and the man they called Brett Favre.

Here's ten more differences between us and the man.

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