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Author Benoit Denizet-Lewis: Tiger Woods is being treated for sex addiction

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Get ready for the Internet to explode again: A journalist, author and recovering sex addict himself is reporting that Tiger Woods IS seeking out treatment for sex addiction.

Benoit Denizet-Lewis reports that a source with knowledge of the golfer's treatment has confirmed Woods is at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Miss., according to a story at

"We mock or it we say it's not a real addiction," said the journalist and regular New York Times Magazine contributor. "But it's very much the real deal."

The rumors about Woods seeking treatment have been percolating for several weeks as the maelstrom of Woodsgate quieted down just a bit. This is sure to spin the frenzy machine back into full gear - in addition to the Daily News, ESPN already started picking up on the story Tuesday afternoon.

Denizet-Lewis, who also contributes to the sports blog Deadspin, says that rehab for sex addiction is no different that any other addiction treatment course. He says Woods will have to sign a celibacy agreement - no masturbation, even - and will be enrolled in 12-step programs, art therapy and a most-likely cringe-inducing bought of raw truth.

"He'll do like everyone else - get up early, eat the same food and go through the same emotions. ... It's a really intense experience," Denizet-Lewis tells the Daily News.

Now, surely everyone is just gonna lay back and let the man recover in peace, right?

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Some people think Tiger Woods is playing the sex addiction card in order to salvage his ruined reputation, and to get back into the good graces of his fans, his sponsors, and most importantly, his wife.

Is Tiger really addicted to sex, or is this just another publicity ploy?

See the article entitled Is Tiger Woods REALLY a Sex Addict – Check This List and Decide for Yourself at where you will find a list of behaviors common to sex addicts.

Does Tiger fit the profile? What do you think?

You can also find this article on the National Infidelity Examiner page at

Leave Tiger alone who listened to his side? Maybe the blonde Mrs was the problem. Why did he look elsewhere? Ask yourself that - it takes two to make a problem. Go Tiger x

Yes, this article is true. I live in Hattiesburg, MS and the word is out on the street. Pine Grove has some of the best programs in the nation and Hattiesburg is low key so it all makes perfect sense. He has been reportedly seen at the YMCA just down the street from Pine Grove. But that is just hearsay. Check out my website for proof of where I live if you do not believe me.

It's surprising that this guy says he is a recovering sex addict and yet blurts out to the media about someone in treatment. Anyone who has any knowledge of the 12 steps knows that the basis for the program is anonymity. I guess this guy is more interested in his own publicity then protecting the anonymity of the program or people who are trying to get better. That's a shame. You would think he would know better.

The Tiger Woods syndrome is having a negative affect in many very odd family type situations that could not have been predicted. To wit, my sons dog GINGER just went into heat and he won't let her go outside. We asked him why and its because his friend Marky told him that if a dog in heat was left loose outside that Tiger Woods would come blankity blank it and get it pregnant.

What it all boils down to is: keep your fly zipped. I could tell him that and he could pay me the money and spare himself a lot of lame group therapy. Also: once a pussy hound always a pussy hound.


Ha, Ha, what a Joke! First it was Arizona, then South Africa and now is Mississippi! If this is true, it certainly took him a long time to make a decision. Maybe he got tired of partying and decided to get a little rest. I suspect that this whole rehab thing is a big HOAX. Tiger is so arrogant that he thinks he does not need rehab. Sorry Tiger, we cannot trust you again, but keep trying.

I'm thinking about searching out treatment for sex addiction. I think it is a simple case of HIGH libido! When an individual has a high libido, and his or her "significant other" has a low libido, then the **** hits the fan. The only reason I'm thinking of obtaining treatment for "sex addition", is the find a woman with the same high libido - then, guess what, we would both be "NORMAL".

A little simplistic I know - but a very significant part of many problems associated with this subject.

Many of you here don't know a thing about which you are speaking. Sex addiction is a real disease. Some people were abused when they were little and play the scenario out in their own ways. And they can't stop unless they do some type of group (i.e., 12 step) work. Some were modeled provocative behaviors by a belligerent role model when they were very young and impressionable and copied that behavior. And for some, it becomes compulsive. Most of these folks have what is known as a CORE BELIEF that they are worthless. Just because Tiger is rich and great at a sport doesn't mean that he doesn't have that very human belief, it doesn't mean that he was immune to hating his Dad or feeling pressure to please him. Now that last part is speculation. But we just don't know. We really should stop acting like we DO. What we do know is that he blew his family life out of the water. That's what addiction (any kind, from Gambling to Food to Alcohol to Sex to Drugs) can do to ANYONE. He is not a God. He's a man. It's sad for him and his family. And these simplistic jabs: "Just keep your fly buttoned" or "It's just HIGH LIBIDO" show that many of you really don't know what you are talking about. That's ok. Get educated. Look up Patrick Carne's book Out of the Shadows. And stop judging and instead, try hoping for his recovery instead.

By the way, to the 'genius' who said Tiger Woods is actually a drunk and covering it up ... It is not uncommon for addicts to have more than one addiction. Just proof again that no one really knows A THING accept for Tiger and the few around him.

TIGER speaks on his addiction:

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