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And now the final update on the Cowbell Girl

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The Cowbell Girl from Monday night's Fiesta Bowl is, in fact, visually impaired, according to a statement from Boise State's Blue Thunder Marching Band.

A ten-second clip of the unnamed student playing the cowbell spread like internet wildfire, with many poking fun of her.

Although I didn't originally say anything mean-spirited, it was brought to my attention that she was visually impaired, something we now know is a fact.

Again, I'm only posting this because she's become such an internet celebrity -- something she clearly didn't ask for.

So, here's the statement, and let's put all the joking to rest for good.

The Blue Thunder Marching Band is very proud of all of our students.

It is unfortunate that the image of one of our musicians has been unfavorable treated by popular media and many internet sources.

This is particularly distasteful considering that the young lady in question is also highly visually impaired, and it this impairment that seems to be the source for her undesired popularity.

We greatly appreciate the many supporters and upstanding media outlets who have helped disseminate accurate information in this sensitive matter in the past 48 hours. We understand that the privilege of appearing on national television includes the potential for criticism along with praise, but this is not what this student signed-up for when joining the band.

Please accept that she has asked that her name not be disclosed, and as of now she is not planning on making any statement on the matter. Thank you.

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