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You can bet on Tiger Woods' marital status

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If you want to pad your pocket while feeling a little dirty about yourself, might I suggest placing a bet pertaining to Tiger Woods' marital status.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, several sites are now accepting wagers as to if Woods and his wife Elin will divorce and how much the hypothetical settlement would be.

Classy, right?

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is getting in on the action. There you can place bets on a wide variety of Tiger-themed events, including which woman Woods will spend Christmas with.

So, that's where we are as a society.

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Are we indirectly condoning behavior that is destructive to our social fiber? What’s to be learned from this train wreck?

Regardless what our mainstream media, or the corporate landscape has decided “sells,” wealth and celebrity are not anointments of “right.”

Is Tiger really athlete of the decade?
Despite all the chaos of the past few weeks, Tiger Woods was announced 'Athlete of the Decade' by Associated Press. Is this justified? I mean, Tiger is more of a businessman than an athlete. Golfers are not 'athletes' anyway. Does Colin Montgomeery look like an athlete to you? Many sports bloggers listed on sports index say that the real athletes of the decade were people like Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer or Coby Bryant, at least they break into a sweat in their sport. Tiger was just a brand.

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