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Vikings LB E.J. Henderson suffers brutal leg injury

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Minnesota Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson sustained what looked to be a very serious leg injury in the fourth quarter of Sunday night's game against the Arizona Cardinals. 

While trying to tackle Cardinals running back Tim Hightower, Henderson collided with teammate Jamarca Sanford, flipping over before laying on the ground in obvious pain. He was carted off and NBC's replay suggested that the prognosis will not be good.

Henderson is a seven-year veteran out of Maryland and entered Sunday's game with 73 tackles on the year.

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We are praying for you E.J.!

We love you EJ!!!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lets win the super bowl for EJ.

Lets come together as a team again and do it for him.

that was wicked. if anyone can come back from such an injury, it's E.J. Henderson.

Hey EJ, The Baker Family will be praying for you! Hang in there!

That is not good to see at all. Hopefully it will not be career ending. From the looks the rest of the season and off season will be surgeries and lots of rehab.

EJ is a beast, he will be missed on Defense. No one can fill his shoes, hope he is able to make a full recovery.

I slowed this down frame by frame on my DVR, his left leg is completely turned around before it gets off the ground aka his left foot is in the ground facing the same direction as it was at the start of the play.

Hard one to see. This mans done alot of me.

I'm not a Viking fan in the least, but man, EJ - best of luck in your recovery. That is never something someone should bear. You are the man! Best to you :) Even this Packer fan is rooting for you!!!

I just got an update that it was a broken femur. He's done :( Poor EJ...

Hey EJ, I just prayed for you man! your going to be alright. Hang in there

Take it easy EJ... Let it heal, be safe, and come back next year

There is no way to fill the shoes of EJ and our prayers go out to him and Aaron, who was there ON the cart while his brother was being led off. Our Vikings have been here before, injuries are a part of this game we love and it was a tough loss, EJ and the game. Let's get some Bengal meat and watch the Pack get handle by B-More tomorrow night.

May God bless you and be with you and your family in this difficult time. It was nice to see your brother was with you. Seeing the replay, I can only imagine the pain. It nearly brought me to tears just watching. I know that your teammates will pull it back together for you and of course for themselves. I'll be praying for you.

Your loyal fans in Virginia are praying for a quick recovery! Love you EJ!

I hate to see this for you and this team! We are praying for you man!

Can the person who said he has a broken femur provide a link please?

Although I'm a Packer never ever want to see someone get injured like that. Packer Nation wishes EJ a speedy recovery and my personal thoughts and prayers are with EJ and his family tonight.
Go Pack!

Ouch! Best of luck for a smooth recovery. Can't stop thinking about your injury tonight. Stay strong.

I'm a huge Cardinals fan and I even hated to see E.J. go down like that. He's been a great player for the Vikings since his rookie season. It really took the wind out of the game. Hope he recovers to 100% and gets back on the football field next season. Best wishes E.J.

We pray for EJ up here in Americas Hat. Fluke accident, hopefully a full recovery.

Wow. Mr. Henderson, I pray for you.

Our thoughts are with you EJ. Not even from a football perspective, but on a personal level we wish u the best.

Here's the confirmation of the Femur injury:

I am sick and tired of seeing good players in pursuit and then having some db or safety diving low to take a runner out because they were never taught to man up and tackle. If he wraps up Hightower this isn't a story. Playing football is learning to tackle correctly not just diving at a runner and hoping you hit him, tackling is wrapping him up and taking him down. And if you are afraid he's two big play baseball. Much Love EJ,

Jamarca needs to learn how to tackle.

Best of Luck to EJ. You have demonstrated true charachter and guts on the field, leaving everything out there. The Vikings are better becuase of you. Take tim, heal, rehab, an know that the the fans hold you in their thoughts. Thanks for giving all to the team!

I'm afraid it was about as bad as Joe Theisman's brokem leg. My thoughts and prayers are with E.J.

EJ... this is one Packer fan who is keeping you in his prayers for a full and rapid recovery. Stay strong in spirit!

HENDERSON is a freak of nature man get back to the field bro

Best of luck EJ. Now you can sit back and enjoy the show for the rest of the season. And you know it should be a good show. Get better soon man

Even though I'm not a Vikings fan, I always hate to see a player sustain a serious injury like this one. Best of luck to EJ for a full recovery and continuing his football career.

Brook H makes a great point that I'm surprised hasn't been discussed much. Sanford needs to learn how to tackle; surprising this type of injury doesn't happen more often given how many DBs are flying around in the secondary out of control with no clue how to tackle. EJ may never be the same again and even worse his career as we know it may be over. Best of luck to you on your long road back.

Dude, what's up with that cheesy picture of you? Nice jaw flex you got there.

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