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Video: What exactly is this Tiger Woods thing?

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We're not 100 percent sure what to make of the following video, which allegedly aired on Chinese television. It seems to be a re-enactment of the whole Tiger Woods incident, only with all kinds of liberties taken.

But, it's pretty amazing. Please do enjoy.

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And the always fun Google translation of the info from the YouTube page. Really helps clear things up:

Video Source:
Apple moving news

News source:
Apple Daily

Woods, broken windows at night to save his wife crash shady husband
November 29, 2009 Apple Daily
The world's richest athletes Tiger Woods, U.S. time, Friday 2:25 in the startling news of a car accident near their homes, when he was alone in car crash fire hydrants and street trees, the police confirmed that Woods was not drinking, injuries sustained No right, but the affair came before the accident and can not help but make the association.
Sex scandal court disaster

Misrepresent an extremely serious car accident once, and afterwards proved a false alarm, Woods, to the fans through the official website reported 报平安. Florida Police described two police officers arrived, the car sat down in front of Woods, his wife Eileen looks depressed the side to take care of, the police described as Woods was the mouth mutter prayers, listen to a content, 10 minutes after the ambulance arrived at hospital later confirmed that only the facial laceration, upper and lower lips have a wound, nose bleeding due to impact.

The police statement quoted by Irene that Woods went out, she heard a loud noise, and quickly went out to understand, so he is also holding a golf club Qiaopo the driver's seat window, rescued Woods. Police investigations show that the impact speed of about 33 miles (about 53 km), airbags did not start, only slightly damaged the front.
Internet media broke the news a few days ago, alleging that the privacy of celebrities dedicated to expose the drama of "national question" weekly journal will be the latest one out, Tiger Woods and socialite Wu Qitai sex scandal, and is now involved in an accident, the time coincidence, derived from more speculation .

Rumored affair object is 34-year-old Woods in New York, "running crouch Queen" Wu Qitai dedicated to soliciting more Gold dignitaries, two people have separate appointments three times, most recently a meeting in Australia, reportedly paparazzi pictures had been photographed 2 betrayal Woods spokesman clarified that recognizes only been Wuqi Tai Tiger Woods opened in Melbourne nightclubs.
In mid-November the Australian line, Woods wife, and children are not around, but my mother Kultida (Kultida) to accompany it true, reported 1:00 Lost and Delirious caught in sex scandal storm was still doubtful. Woods injured in a car accident, it will certainly have to retreat a few days, we can only wait for next month, appeared on the 3rd play, only to further the truth.

★ doubt one why 2:25 to go out?
Concludes: Woods and his wife Irene quarrels Yiyanbuge angrily driving away from home.
★ doubt two face tear, the upper and lower lip were broken, but also nosebleeds?
Speculated: 53 km per hour crash fire hydrant, no airbags burst open, why can cause various injuries, suspected to have been his wife manhandled.
★ doubt 3 Woods crashes, the first time his wife arrived! The club is also holding the broken windows to save fu?
Concludes: Woods give clear wanted to run, my wife is more gas out of the door holding a golf club to recover the theory of Woods scare into Bing Mao, emergency situations, braking into a false step on the accelerator
★ doubt 4 Woods scandal source "National Enquirer" magazine official website mount point!
Speculate: All agencies were not published in Woods affair, the Internet sources are pointing to "National Enquirer" magazine, official website simply shut down sheltering spotlight.
★ doubt 5 scandal actress Wu Qitai let it be 11 months in Australia, see the two face each other pass ambiguous messages, Woods, accompanied by her mother turn a blind eye?
Concludes: Woods inexperienced, lying by running the Queen Wu Qitai designed by Woods, the popularity of drum up news from the lift worth.

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