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VIDEO: Jay Cutler hits Devin Aromashodu for game-winning touchdown against Vikings

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Gun-slinging quarterback Jay Cutler has had a tough year. No doubt about it.

But for one shining moment in a frozen game under the lights of a national Monday Night Football stage, the maligned Bears QB of the future could say he out-dueled the king of the gun-slingers, Brett Favre, in the most entertaining game the Chicago squad played in a dismal 2009 season.

Following what is now an almost predictable Adrian Peterson fumble in overtime, Cutler wasted no time making the Vikings pay. He hit a streaking Devin Aromashodu down the sideline for a quick-strike touchdown to cap a 36-30 victory.

Who knows what this victory means in the long run - other than a thorn-in-the-playoff-seeding-side of Minnesota. In fact, maybe it's best not to think about all the baggage waiting to be unloaded at season's end and simply live in this very un-Bear-like moment of victory. Just ask Jay:

"It's good for the team, it's good for the morale of going out there and putting up points and answering the bell, especially in the fourth quarter and overtime when you have to do it," Cutler said.

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It was nice to celebrate a big Bears win again.

This was tough to take. Knowing what was at stake for New Orleans really takes me back to 2006 when Bear fans got to watch the standings and couldn't wait to find out if we had the #1 seed. I really hope someone can upset the Saints as I am still not over Reggie Bush's finger pointing.

Eventually management will have to see that Jerry Angelo is taking this team NOWHERE.

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