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Video: Bulls let Jarrett Jack tie his shoes during the game

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Our Bulls guy John Jackson today writes that the injury-plagued squad is lacking hunger and energy.

One could point to their 7-11 record, the fact that they've lost seven of their last eight or the two straight blowout losses as proof.

But perhaps more telling is what happened late in Saturday night's stinker against the Toronto Raptors.

The Bulls let Raptors guard Jarrett Jack tie his shoes while holding the ball during game action without even batting a collective eyelash.

To be fair, it seems that Luol Deng didn't realize what was going on while he was looking for a screen. And there's also something to be said about good sportsmanship. But that aside, it just looks bad and a little apathetic, doesn't it?

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No mention of the missed traveling violation he comitted just to tie his shoes? Maybe that is what threw off the Bulls because they have never been ones to put up with traveling calles missed *Cough*jordan*Cough*

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