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Tag Heuer is sticking with Tiger Woods

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tag-heuer-tiger-woods-publicity1.jpgIt seems Tiger Woods has at least one sponsor who has his back.

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer said it will continue its association with the golfer, even in the wake of all the nasty headlines he's been garnering.

"We will continue," the company spokeswoman, Mariam Sylla, told the Associated Press. "He's the best in his domain. We respect his performance in the sport." She added that Woods's personal life is "not our business".
Ahhhh, the Swiss and their crazy, antiquated world views.

Woods and Tag Heuer have been teaming up to sell timepieces since 2002.

The announcement comes just a day after Accenture cut ties with Tiger and a few after Gilette said it was phasing him out.

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