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SNL's Tiger Woods skit featuring Blake Lively

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Predictably, "Saturday Night Live" took on all the Tiger Woods messiness during last night's show hosted by my not-so-secret crush Blake Lively.

The alleged womanizer is portrayed getting in deeper trouble with wife Elin after a series of press conferences. And by trouble, we mean the kind that lands you in the hospital.

Not exactly side-splitting stuff, but pretty funny if you ask me -- especially Jason Sudeikis' Wolf Blitzer impression.

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Funny...although from what I've seen, Tiger is handling this as well as he can, considering the circumstances (considering where he is now, however he got here). Marketer John Tantillo recommended how he handle the scandal:

1. Respond Quickly
2. Be Contrite
3. Take Responsibility
4. Be Honest
5. Communicate Plan of Action

This was before the mistress stories broke, but I think it holds true all the same.

I think the real news here is that SNL hasn't been funny in years and they have to rely on current events slapstick to pull in ratings. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Huh? SNL has to "rely on current events slapstick to pull in ratings?"


I kinda thought that was the point of SNL. Doing skits based on current events has been a staple of SNL since it started in the 70s. Where have you been? When it skewers current events, politicians and celebrities, that's when it's at its funniest. It's always been true.

I thought they did a good job on the Tiger Woods thing. It's about what I expected...pretty amusing, and as a bonus, we get to stare at hot little Blake Lively.

I use to love Saturday Night Live, but this skit was not funny, especially with Rianna as musical guest who had her own trouble earlierly this year with domestic violence which in no way is funny. This season is terrible so far, they have a somewhat good show and the blogs act like it was the best thing since a Justin Timberlake hosted show. Justin please come back because SNL is dying on the vine. Lorne Michaels has had really bad judgement this year on what goes on the live show...

Personally I think the skit is hysterical. Jason, I think you earned the stupid comment of the week award. This skit is what SNL does and has been doing for years.

As I posted in my TV Blog (click on my name) this morning, the sketch was very funny. Kenan was great (you've got his name misspelled, but so does everyone else), Sudekis was good (although -- or maybe because -- he seemed to be channeling Chris Parnell) and Blake Lively was one of the best hosts SNL has had in a long time. She really put Lorne Michaels' new hires to shame.

Considering the material the script writers did a pretty lame job. It was humorous but hysterical? Not even close. I love number 4 in slones 5 point step. Give us a break.

Are you kidding me? Funniest SNL sketch ever.

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