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Santa-Blitzen rap battle features KRS-One and Lupe Fiasco in Nike spots

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Yes, we're supporting blatant commercialization with this post, but who cares? It's Christmas - the official holiday of rampant commercialization.

Besides, these Nike spots playing up an old school rap battle between Santa Claus (an old school legend - KRS-One) and Blitzen (current Chicago hip hop legend Lupe Fiasco) with the help of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

The Blitzen challenges Santa to a game of hoops, talks a bunch of smack, then gets planted by the Jolly Old Elf. Pretty good stuff, really. Especially good to hear KRS1 again. This might be the best Christmas rap since Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis."

Anyway, Blitzen boasts about his game, telling Santa he'll spot him Kobe, LeBron and points anytime:

It all leads up to this epic rap and hoops battle on the courts, cause, you know, Santa won't be faded:

The helpful elves at have put together the lyrics for the final spot. So, an extra stocking stuffer to them:

(Santa rap)

1, 2, 1, 2, King James and Kobe too

It was the day before Christmas day

I just put brand new rims on my sleigh

in the kitchen cooking, eggs and hash

I got a call from Blitzen talkin some trash, sayin


Oh saint Nicky, don't you see

you and your boys you'll never beat me

So you can tell Kobe and tell LeBron

that they can meet me on the court and it'll be uh-uh onnnn


Now Blitz ice grillin, like put em up

it ain't take long for Kobe to shut em up


Alright Blitz, the game is to 10

LeBron, check it out and show em how we get it in


now he all nervous, tension brewing

Vixen was trying to talk some sense into em

LeBron threw the ball and he began to giggle em, like


look at this reindeer, he can barely dribble


c'mon Bron, show some respect

he got hooves, not hands, what the heck you expect


Kobe stole the ball, crossed him up

runnin around his back, tossed it up

Vixen crying to Blitz, like


oh no, lebron took off from behind the free throw


LeBron rose up looked at him again

said, Merry Christmas Blitz and shattered the rim

The game is over, the game is over

The game is over, the game is over

Dunking on the reindeer, dunking on the reindeer

Dunking on the reindeer, dunking on the reindeer

And to all a good night.

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