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Royce White quits Golden Gophers basketball via YouTube

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Royce White came to Tubby Smith's Golden Gophers squad as one of the most highly-touted recruits in the country at forward. He leaves it with nothing more than the hope of having the highest amount of pageviews for his video resignation.

White says he's leaving the Minnesota basketball team because of his legal troubles and the stress they are causing his family and the program.

White has been a suspension machine since heading to the University of Minnesota. First losing time - and doing time - for a theft and assault on a Mall of America security guard incident, and most recently for a dustup over accusations involving a stolen laptop on campus.

Seems that White has had enough, as he discusses in his video, and is leaving the team to concentrate on getting his life in order. Nobody can deny him that worthy goal, but the self broadcast is a little odd. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

Minnesota athletics director Joel Maturi said that White hasn't informed anyone in his department about a decision.

White is currently indefinitely suspended from the team

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Wow what a disaster im sure his next step is to enter the NBA draft.

Royce, I wanna believe your words and your songs in your video. If it's all true, I would root for you and your Gophers. Get it together and get your life back on track. You can do it!

I cannot tell you how many times people questioned me in what I would become; before the age of 21. But thankfully people gave me second and third chances. Take your second and third chances and prove everyone wrong and make something of yourself where you committed to play. Prove everyone wrong and gut it out. More people want to see you make it... than fail.

Royce, I too stole a laptop once, but chose not to get caught. I think that's where you went wrong. But in all honestly, the fact that you are able to have 5,200 "homies" rollin' down University with you on campus,is absolutely astonishing. Who needs to play basketball when you have that many friends. Quick question, does facebook allow you to have that many friends? I've added everyone and their mom and can't seem to get those kind of numbers. I had a party last night, I think you and your crew could have really added to the dynamics. Ski U Mah. Good luck, you have a lot of people behind you.

A message to Royce: I remember you as a student way back in 6th Grade at Highwood Hills, "Cuz". Clean up your act and show the world you are the sweet kid I remember when I was a student/substitute teacher way back then.

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