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Rick Reilly has all the answers for Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods is lucky that ESPN's Rick Reilly is on the clock, ready and willing to dole out the sage advice that will help the troubled golfer put all of this messiness behind him.

In an appearance on the worldwide leader, Reilly said that Woods needs to visit Oprah, forget golf for a while and purge himself of anyone that his wife doesn't trust -- including his caddy.

Host Jay Harris seemed a little surprised at the columnist's take, pointing out that most experts think the sooner Tiger gets back winning tournaments, the sooner he'll be right again -- or as close to right as he can get after all this.

"When your house is on fire, you don't go play the Buick Open, you don't go play the Masters," Reilly responded. "He'll have plenty of Masters to go. He's got to really concentrate on winning back the trust of his wife, his family, his sponsors and his fans."

In addition, he pushed for the golfer to call all of his sponsors and freeze any endorsement deals until Woods think's he's "the kind of person worthy of your company."

What do you guys think of all these suggestions? Hasn't Tiger already apologized, stated he wanted his privacy and to move on? Wouldn't staying away from the game and missing the Masters just make things worse?

It's pretty obvious that his world is spinning out of control at an alarming rate. Say what you want about him bringing it upon himself, but it's a fact. And in times like these, people are apt to hang on to the one constant in their lives. For Woods, that's playing golf in the public eye. So how would completely abandoning the thing that makes the most sense to him give him balance?

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At this point in time Tiger owes NOTHING to anyone except to himself and his family.

Tiger was the best at what he did and provided entertainment. In return, fans bought his promoted products and perhaps felt by doing this they had their own little piece of, or connection to Tiger.

Tiger collected money-fans collected entertainment and memories. Quid pro quo.

Regardless of what the so-called self promoting media "experts" suggest, he should NOT go public!

I do not know what Tiger's childhood or teenage life was all about. I do not know what it is like to live without brothers or sisters. I do not know what it is like to live under a microscope or in a fishbowl an entire life. I do not know what it is like to live with an entourage and hangers on that may camouflage themselves as "friends."

What is obvious is that by Tiger's totally reckless behaviour and out of control actions, he has some very serious personal/ psychological problems to overcome first, then if at all possible, to regroup with an obviously distraught wife and children.

This could take months/years if ever.

I HOPE the man gets well and figures out what is important in life-whatever that may be for him. Until then, park the game of golf.

These episodes will fade away some day. For the most part, the human beings that inhabit this society are good and decent people who will forgive a person who is truly contrite. They have forgiven worse of their stars, heros, and idols........

I agree with Rick. His wife and his family should come first.

"And in times like these, people are apt to hang on to the one constant in their lives. For Woods, that's playing golf in the public eye." I hope not. I think that is exactly what has gotten him in trouble. His one constant in life should be his wife and family.

Kyle responds: I thought of that argument as I was typing that line. Of course his family comes first, but for a guy like him, a guy whose life has revolved around golf since he could crawl, you wonder what happens if he gets away from it. I'm certainly not advocating him taking off, but at this point you wonder if the damage is irreversible. Granted, it's a tricky situation that he shouldn't have put himself in. Thanks for chiming in.

I agree with Rick -- on almost every point -- IF (and it's a huge IF) -- Tiger wants to regain the image and respected public perception he's had. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he really doesn't care about his public perception. He doesn't owe the public/his fans anything necessarily -- but he does owe something to his family and (my opinion) the many kids he has spoken with about pursuing life goals with integrity. I think Tiger has been "number one" to himself much longer than he's been number one in the PGA -- and he has obviously felt entitled to make his own rules at the expense of Elin and his children. Deception hasn't worked since the beginning of humanity -- and it still doesn't. The truth will surface -- and for Tiger the truth will be very public. That is the life he has lived -- it is something he has pursued -- a very public profession. I believe that the way back (again -- IF that is what Tiger wants -- regaining a measure of personal respect as well as athletic respect) does include certain public accountability efforts. If all he wants is to regain his golfing status -- he is one person who might be able to do it. He will do it without my admiration or respect. He can talk about privacy, talk about respect, talk about life -- and golf -- all day long. If he doesn't behave with dignity and honor and trust -- not one of the golf statistics will matter. He will be remembered for his affairs -- not his green jackets.

This scandal will affect Tiger far greater than pundits suggest. Despite the fact that Woods is a superior player, he will never be given the reverence past galleries have shown. I predict it will be many tournaments before Tiger can tune this uproar out. For every forgiving fan there will be two who will turn away, disgusted with another fallen hero.

My message is to Tiger Woods:
Tiger, you are in a club of ONE. What has unfolded on the internet has never happened to anyone else (in similar position) in history. Millions of us suggest you follow Rick's advice to the TEE!
Take the bull by the horns and make the changes required for your life first. Plenty of time for more golf later.
You don't owe us anthing, but to earn our respect and total support, Rick's course of action makes a lot of sense.
There is a lot on the internet circulating about you with women, sex, drugs, steroids/HGH, anger issues, and high flyers. Focus and change as required. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and prepare for surprises:)
Go Tiger!

He's a thin skinned, cant laugh at himself type in the first place--and I doubt the words "I'm sorry" have been used much in his dialogue while being top dog, and apparently top "houndog" through College and pre marriage, so this business of him getting busy with saying he's sorry to his wife and fans wont cut it.

Dude needs residential treatment, 90 days minimum, and mentors outside of treatment that dont include the likes of MJ and Sir Charles. Then maybe, he will be able to work on truly being sorry and learning humility for probably the first time in his quite privileged life.

Apparently the Father didnt do much to teach this young man honesty, humility and good treatment of other human beings. Probably a borderline Sociopath as feelings seem to be absent unless its good feeling for himself.

What a complete fraud he has proven to be. No more of these from Nike---please. He becoming unfrauded will take more than what Mr Reilly recommends.

Short of a lobotomy, in residential treatment is what is needed, with real mentors afterward, to do what his Daddy Earl did not do, then maybe he has a shot.

Rick Reilly is standing over a man on fire and pouring gasoline on him period. ' Rick the **** ' Reilly is using someone else's misery for his on self aggrandizement. If he cared anything for Tiger or at least the difficult situation he is in he would have the class to shut the 'F' up. Reporting the news is one thing, standing there as if you own your own private channel and you really think that Tiger Woods is waiting at the other end for your 'wisdom' is pure playing to the crowd. Tiger never fooled anyone. Those that believe in world the stupid little TV presents have fooled themselves. And instead of just accepting that everyone is human ( that life is not a Disney movie ) they can't accept the fact that what really bothers them is that their own gullibility is in question here. So they want Tiger to apologize to them and make himself the scapegoat for their own childish ignorance. The Tiger they suck their thumbs to is a marketing illusion. The same machine that generates the illusion that Rick Reilly couldn't be replaced by a screaming monkey ( think - Jim Cramer ). Tiger is a truly great Golfer & athlete, he has done an amazing service to the game of golf and every amateur playing today is & has been affected by Tigers influence in one way or another. Some advice for 'Rick the **** '... nobody would miss you if you left your job but they will remember you mouthing off just like Jesper Parnevik when Tiger is back doing his thing. You didn't fool anyone by wrapping yourself in a flag of feigned concern. If Tiger was your friend & wanted your advice you could have just called him. But he's not your friend. Your just as delusional as the suburban cows out there buying gossip rags and wanted to make yourself look important at the expense of someone else. Triple bogey Rick, pick up your ball and go home.

reilly is right on. AND to make the dramatic lifestyle changes suggested, woods will also need therapy/rehab. tiger's been living in a holy royal bubble his entire life. he needs more than a year off and a magic wad of cash to come clean. Announcing rehab on Oprah would underscore humility and contrition. It would signal to sponsors, fans, family and himself that he's serious about employing his superstar hyper-focus on, "becoming a better husband, father, and person." Tiger follows reilly plan + rehab, and he becomes the poster boy for redemption... perhaps an even bigger and better-loved star than before.

Also, think about what Daly said, "you don't stay married for the kids. you don't stay married for the money. you stay married for love."

I actually think that Tiger should get divorced so he can do what he wants to do without hurting anyone. He shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. Clearly, he was too young. And Rick Reilly should leave Tiger's acquaintances alone. My co-workers don't know what I do unless I tell them. I doubt his caddie (who doesn't even live in the US) knows what he did.

Tiger should get divorced, return to golf, and just play his brains out. That way, when he does screw around with tons of women, no one but Tiger will get hurt.

Tiger only needs to apologize to his wife and kids. He doesn't owe the rest of us anything. Don't get me wrong, I think he's an asshole, but his private life is not my business.

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