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Rex Grossman is not our quarterback - he's the Texans' problem now

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For those of you foolishly pining for the days when Rex Grossman would be a world-beater for the Chicago Bears as this year's unit bumbles its way though the season, a slight jog for your defective memory.

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub separated his left shoulder on the first play of a 23-18 loss to Jacksonville on Sunday.

After getting sacked by Derrick Harvey, Schaub stayed on the ground as trainers rushed onto the field. Schaub eventually walked off without any help, but spent just a few minutes on the bench before heading to the locker room for tests.

Enter Rex - as only Rex can.

Grossman threw an interception on his second attempt and finished 3 of 9 for 33 yards before the Texans decided it would be better to drag their banged-up franchise quarterback back onto the field after falling behind 17-0.

With all the ex-Bears busts flourishing throughout the league, it's kinda heartening to see that Rex will always be the same.

Though the Texans fans have yet to learn their lesson. Busy calling for head coach Gary Kubiak's head, they clearly have been too busy to study history and trends - at least that's the impression you get from this comment on a running game blog for the Houston Chronicle that reported Grossman's entry into the game:


They'll learn. And if you know a Texans fan, do them a favor and offer up some education.

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you suck

I find it incredibly sad that you are regaling in Rex's miscues. As long as the Bears are performing so terribly on the field, no Chicago journalist has any right to bash Rex - at least he got away to a better team.

Have to agree with Scott, you call this crap prose??? Rex is a pro and so fair game,pile on him it's so easy. After all he was such a bad guy here, lazy, slacker, never really tried,crummy to the fans so he deserves it anyway. Wait, that was Cedric.

I'm no huge fan of Rex but can't believe you get paid to write this $hit, pointless really.

What a lame article... Is that your only memory of the QB who help the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance? Would you expect Grossman's play to be tack-sharp after going a year or two with no game experience and probably very few practice reps?

It's a good thing coaches and owners are a bit more far-sighted that you. If not, Peyton Manning would have been flipping burgers as McDonalds years ago.

The Texans defense was horrible against Jacksonville and dumb mistakes that didn't give the offense good field positions Rex was rusty and didn't get to must reps with the starters but i'm sure he'll get time with them this week so if he does play sunday then there will be no excuses but Rex didn't play that bad just alot of misreads you have to think rex hasn't played in a year

I agree with everybody else.

Rex was a class act. And Rex never had 20 picks with a 1/3 of the season left either. Jay Cutler gets a free pass while if Rex had his performance so far he would have been crucified.

who the hell has been pining for Rex Grossman?

Another Scab journalist. Can't stop beating up people when they're down, even when they're trying to help themselves. You'd kick Mother Theresa in the face if she was trying to extricate herself from a slime pit.

Give Rex a break - he doesn't deserve this kind of attack.

Flotz -- I'm assuming that's your real name. I've never met this Craig Newman fellow, but I can only assume that were he to come across Mother Theresa attempting to extricate herself from a slime pit, he would, indeed kick her. Have you ever been in a slime pit or near someone who has? They're disgusting. Germs abound. He'd be doing himself and society a favor by steering clear of said slime. Do-gooders like yourself are the reason we have swine flu shutting down our schools and the reason Obama got elected. Having said that, I think you and Rex Grossman should meet for coffee and share a scone.

How about pining for Kyle Orton and his respectable 21-12 record, which doesn't look so bad in hindsight? Come to think of it, Rex was 19-12 too.....

Yes, maybe Texan fans will learn the horror of *GASP* going to the Super Bowl!!! Look me up when another QB gets us to the Super Bowl. Like, um...NEVER. Bears fans don't deserve a championship, the way the turn on QBs on a dime, BOOing and acting like 2 year olds. Grossman wasn't 2nd place Heisman, 1st Round Draft for no reason. This town...the fans, the 'media' (like you, moron), the inadequate coaches...destroy QBs. Need proof? Look what Orton is doing now that he's out, and look what's happening to Cutler now that he's in. Please, Dear Lawd, never EVER allow a decent kid like Tim Tebow to end up in this Hell Hole of fair weather fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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