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Reports: Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson break up

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The gossips tonight bring us the sad news of the breakup of New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and actress Kate Hudson.

The power couple have apparently decided to part ways, a Hudson pal confirmed to US Weekly.

Just last week, Hudson was grilled about the relationship by David Letterman, which brought on a bevy of nervous laughter. At the Dec. 4 London premiere of "Nine", Hudson's new flick, the duo seemed in good spirits.

But, alas, love is a fickle beast.

Hudson began dating Rodriguez in May and was front and center as he broke his trend of October slumping to lead the Yankees to their 27th World Series title.

The Yankees hope his new hitting muse is out there somewhere.

Since neither camp gave an official confirmation that they were an item, we may never get official confirmation that they've split.

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Kate Hudson must hve been dreaming if she thought that A-Rod was going to settle for used goods as his next long term relationshipo.

Kate Hudson has been with WAY too many men.

I heard A-Rod didnt even have the courtesy to dump her in person. He did it by phone!

I think Kate Hudson is a doll. Great actress and genuine woman! Here's to you sister!

I think A-Rod WAS adorable, but he is more stuck on himself than anyone else could ever be. If there weren't so many "star struck" girls out there, he would be stuck only with his hand. There is little substance to this baseball player.

As long as Kate Hudson doesn't go dating some Beantown chowdah-head, I don't mind this. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and she'll be back by October...they always come back.

If rumors start to fly that she's seeing the annoying and obnoxious Mr. Unofficial Red Sox Nation Spokesman/Worst Actor Alive, Ben Affleck though...her career is over. Write it down and Kate...Just don't do it to yourself, no matter how bad this break up might be! I loved you in Good Luck Chuck and you don't deserve that!!!

kate hudson is a skanky hoe bitch who demanded alex rodreguez time and energy...she is clingy needy as hell and wont say no for an answer, she is a pain in the arse for any man...and the 3rd wheel in chris robinsons relationship with his pregnant partner..

i agree with kate the needy. she basically had owen wilson killing himself for her. then she dates his friend armstrong. she is nothing but a home wrecker.

why did it take arod so long to dump this needy woman, what on earth was in his head to keep her so long, she is a mans nitemare, the girlfriend from hell, she was high maintenane, needy clingy attention seeking,drama queen insecure as hell and needs serious counselling. arod couldnt go anywhere see his own kids for got sake without her pouncing on him, shes a nutcase.

WOW! Lots of haters here!
I LOVE Kate Hudson and I love Alex Rodriguez. They seemed very happy and I hope they can work things out. I do NOT see her as needy at all. She is very indepedant and obviously does NOT need a man to make her successful. Above poster, how in the heck do you know she is a "third wheel" in her ex's relationship?? Chris and his girlfriend told you that personally? I too am still friends with my ex and his wife and its actually a great thing when it comes to raising my daughter.


A-Rod thinks he's hot stuff. A'Rod's mad at Kate because she's acting like she's hotter than him, and; of course he knows she's not. So A-Rod says I'll show the world I'm hotter than you by dropping you, because why would a really hot guy like me want to be with someone that is not as hot as me.

Kate tries to sooth her wounded ego by running back to her ex boyfriend who tried to kill himself over her. Ya, he saw how hot I was!

In the meantime, A-Rod is strutting like a nincompoop peacock from the ego trip of dropping a movie star.

Moral of the story. To have a successful relationship with an Ass whole, make sure your a bigger one that he is.

I bet Kate has sexy feet, I want to lick them

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