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Police release Chris Henry 911 tapes

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Thumbnail image for chris-henry-accident.JPGPolice have released two 911 tapes in connection with the death of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry.

Listen to them here.

The first is from a woman who was behind the pickup truck he fell out of, sustaining fatal injuries.

"It's got a black man on it with no shirt on, and he's got his arm in a cast and black pants on," she told a dispatcher. "He's beating on the back of this truck window. ... I don't know if he's trying to break in or something. It just looks crazy. It's a girl driving it."

The next call comes a minute later, from an man who sees Henry "laying in the road" and "definitely unconscious."

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1 Comment

this is very Sad, a young man lost his life seems like he got caught
up in the moment, the girlfriend was not thinking straight either
What is going on, with our Young people


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