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New York Post puts Tiger Woods on cover for 20th straight day

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tiger-woods-new-york-post.jpgThe wordsmiths over at With Leather put together this collage of NY Post covers about the Tiger Woods scandal over the last month.

The New York Post featured Tiger Woods on its cover this morning, making it the 20th consecutive day that the golfer has been front and center.

Previously, the longest-running fixture on the front page was the 9/11 attacks.

In regards to news value, there's no doubt that the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil > a golfing superstar stepping out on his wife, so what does this tell us about our current media climate?

I'd get on my soapbox about this, but all it would be is hypocrisy. The story has been page-view candy for us, the company as a whole and anyone else with a keyboard and a microphone to the world's electronic ear.

It has everything: sex, money, a fall from grace, cocktail waitresses, constant unsubstantiated rumors and on and on. But, I'm sensing that people are finally getting tired of being assailed with it.

Right or wrong?

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Nothing wrong with it. If Tiger weren't selling, The Post wouldn't keep putting him on Page 1. As newspapers continue to drop like flies, they have every reason to give readers what they want. And if the readers don't want it, that'll be reflected in circulation figures.

Mercenary? Yeah, so what? The Post isn't "The Paper of Record" -- it's a product that consumers can choose to purchase or not.

This will not end as long as new information comes forward, that is why Tiger has not met with the media.
If information concerning performance enhancing drugs continues to come forward, the "infidelity" scandal will look like t-ball compared to the world series.

Well, OF COURSE the New York Post put Woods on its cover(s). The New York Post is a TABLOID. Duh. Tabloids rely for their content on gossip, barely credible sources, an appeal to emotion, and the use of checkbook journalism. What else is new? Where the problem occurs is that mainstream media is rapidly turning into medialoid (defined as the infiltration of tabloid journalism into traditional media sources, including the proliferation of sensationalism, triviality and disregard for privacy, with particular emphasis on news coverage of the sports and entertainment industries). Medialoid thinks they make the rules by which society must live. They think they define what is and is not free speech. They have no morals, no decency and no shame. What we have is not qualified reporters reporting on newsworthy topics but packs of bloodthirsty jackals always on the prowl for their next victim. They hide behind the First Amendment while they tear down society by pandering to humankind's basest instincts. From their presumed position as the final arbiters of what people should think and what they should be thinking about, they smell blood in the water and circle the victim like a bunch of braying hyenas. I hope you're all proud of yourselves. Michael Jackson…now Tiger Woods. Tiger isn't the one who should be ashamed—except before his wife. Medialoid should be ashamed for the disreputable way they behave when a high profile personality stumbles. Ugh. I hate the media. You all make me sick.

Tiger Woods is the most famous athlete in the world. He's one of the most FAMOUS people in the world (There's only one "Tiger" just like there is only one "Madonna")

That's why this story sells even though there is no real "news" in the three weeks since the story broke.
That and it's a holiday period with thinly-staffed media houses cranking out Year In Pictures pages.

The Tiger Story at this juncture is nothing more than an easy target for a lazy editor or columnist.

tiger is the most famous athlete, that all i care about...i see no reason why they are trying to bring him down... After all he apologized... Everybody has a bad side!

Top 3 ACai Berry

If New York Post puts Tiger Woods on cover for 20th straight day, then nothing is wrong behind it. If it is the reader choice then they will adopt it, otherwise will ignore it. Although the Tiger Woods is the most famous term used in the world.

Thanks for the good read. It's amazing how much people are infatuated with this story. Let's worry about more important issues.

I think it's probably time to give Tiger Woods a break. He doesn't need to be on the cover every single day!

tiger wood is a celebrity so definetely any story related to celebrity will get in news not a common man story

What is it with Tiger Woods and the media? Leave the guy alone!

-Tim Stevenson

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