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John Daly's weight loss leaves him looking like Matt Damon?

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john-daly-weight-loss.JPGColorful golfer John Daly has been watching what he eats and getting his cardio in lately. The once-chubby athlete -- yeah, athlete -- has lost 115 pounds and figures that a movie about his slimming-down could be in the works.

And he's already done some thinking about the casting, both for the svelte Daly and the not-so-svelte Daly. He shared his thoughts at a Monday press conference in Australia.

"I just saw Matt Damon, how he swung a golf club, and I thought if I ever made a movie, I want him to be me," Daly said. "The tough part is who would play me at 290 pounds. Now Kevin James, he's my bud, but he'd be good."

When asked what the main storyline might be, he said: "It would just be the life, it would be the whole thing. the guts of it all."

"The problem is who is going to play all the ex-wives?" added Daly, who has four ex-wives, to laughter.
The 43-year-old had lap-band surgery in February, a scene we hope the movie doesn't get too graphic with.

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Suddenly the PGA and golfing doesnt do anything for me anymore. Glad I left it and took up ice hockey. Lot more exciting and less Houndogging going on with its superstars. Woods and Daly, are there others we need to know about? Horrible human beings.

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ice hockey sucks - not enough scoring and when they do score you can't see the puck until the replay

Sorry but have to disagree - both sports are great to play but watching you have to give the nod to hockey ... can't see the puck??? Seriously the puck is black and the ice is white so not sure what the problem is - don't tell me you actually enjoyed the FOX glowing puck thing.

That is alot of weight to lose. The real challenge is not to get that heavy in the first place. He will have some very saggy skin and stretch marks now

ok here it goes im fat,and tried everything and fail, so i eat eat eat, but now i am going to try acai burn, today is my first day on it and i can feel some energy coming on, ok i weigh in at 246 pounds and i will share my progress.thanks

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