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Hulk Hogan ready to pin down wife no. 2 in Jennifer McDaniel?

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Whatchugonna do, brother, when you finally rid yourself of your pain of an ex-wife? If you're Hulk Hogan and the 24-inch pythons, you certainly don't get scared out of marrying again.

TMZ ran into the Hulkster and his girlfriend of a couple years, Jennifer McDaniel - you know, the one who looks like his daughter, Brooke, at LAX and he seemed to be a Hulkamaniac for the lucky lady, who was sporting a giant diamond.

The feeling must be mutual. McDaniel has "Terry," Hulk's real name, tattooed on her right wrist - the left hand is saved for the rock.

This whirlwind of romance comes just four months after Hulk finished a bitter divorce to his ex, Linda Bollea. Either he's punch drunk and has forgotten that fresh Hell or hope springs eternal, brother.

"Check that left hand out," Hogan, 56, told "That could be the new Mrs. Hogan."

Sadly, while looking for that video, this unfortunate link was also uncovered at TMZ - Hulk pantsing Ric Flair during a bout in Australia Thanksgiving week. Yes, there's a picture if you really need to see the hidden parts of the Nature Boy.

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Hulk is yesterdays news. He was a crap wrestler in the day. I have no idea as to the reason why he was so popular. Its a real worry Hulk has fallen for a woman who is the double of his daughter !

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