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Heated rivalry: Evanston students attack New Trier student after game

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Three Evanston Township High School students were charged with battery after allegedly battering a New Trier student Friday night after a contentious basketball game between the rivals at Northwestern University, leaving the teen with a broken nose and several facial lacerations.

Evanston Township High students Samuel Mendelson and Zachary Shiffrin were charged with misdemeanor battery and consumption of alcohol, while Gaberiel Seigel was charged with misdemeanor battery, according to Evanston Police Cmdr. James Pickett. All are 18-year-old Evanston residents.

The incident happened on Friday about 9:47 p.m. in the west parking lot of Northwestern University's Welsh-Ryan Arena, where New Trier had just defeated Evanston 54-50.

The offenders allegedly threw alcohol at the victim's car while beating on the vehicle, Pickett said. When they were told to stop by the victim and two other teens in the car, the offenders struck the victim in the face with a blunt object, dragged him out of the car and beat him with closed fists, Pickett said.

Once the 17-year-old victim's friends got out of the car, the offenders ran and police were notified. The offenders were detained and identified by the victim, Pickett said. He was treated at Evanston Hospital.

Evanston police continue to investigate, according to Pickett, who said police are still questioning others to see if anyone else was involved in the fight.

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Nice to see a full Welsh-Ryan Arena (note the spelling) bottom bowl for the high school game in the photo, maybe some of the fans that saw this heated rivalry game in high school basketball can come out for the Northwestern vs. Stanford game.

This is sad though.

Too bad the people charged with the crime weren't even the ones who committed it. The people in the car just told the please that the kids wearing the body paint did it so they arrested all of them. Some of those who are in trouble weren't even involved. They really need to sort this out.

Is the New Trier community really so bored that they have nothing better to do than pick on three innocent Evanston boys? Good job neglecting the fact that the Trevians shout racial slurs and throw bananas at the Evanston boys. I would rather be a Wildkit than a racist, bigoted Trevian any day. Those New Trier students deserved what they got.

Wow, the comments on here are disgusting. Laura, so because you claim that racist slurs were made by a some naive high school students, the beating of a 17 year old by 3 others is justified? And their were over 200 witnesses to this fight and no accounts of bananas being thrown by the student in the car or any other Trevians on the scene.

"Those New Trier students deserved what they got. "

You are disgusting and I pray you do not or never have children.

Hopefully the charges change from misdemeanor battery to aggrivated assault for use of the weapon. May as well give them a head start towards prison.

What a load of crap. I just checked with one of the kids that was there. No bananas were thrown. Get a life you racist!


The banana incident did not take place at this game. There was another sporting event where a NT student threw a banana at an Evanston Student and started making mokey sounds.


What weapon was used? it was a stupid mistake...the kid is regretting it. It was a high school fight. The kid was released from the hospital that night.

Weapons? The charge was for battery cause some kids got in a fight. Honestly, this kind of stuff happens all the time i don't know why people are making such a deal out of this. You all need to find something else to talk about, come on, grow up. The New Trier kid is fine, and the Evanston boys are getting the consequences they deserve.

The Evanston kids need to learn to control their anger. Last year kids were screaming at me after the game just because New Trier beat Evanston. These kids deserve their punishment.

Wait just a second, no one EVER deserves to be beaten, that is an awful thing to say. And no one should ever be victims of racial hate, did that really happen? Did the New Trier students do that? How do you know? Its obvious that both sides were wrong here, but it is very wrong to accuse an entire body of being racist or being a part of a "gang". These stereotypes and people saying so and so deserved it or was asking for it, isn't going to change what happened or from it happening again. Let's start here by just putting aside our differences. We live so close to one another, there is no reason to keep fighting. If you fight, then you are promoting more fighting and promoting violence, which never gets anyone anywhere.

I know it sounds goody-goody to say that, but just step back and look at what you're saying. Don't fuel the fire, try and put it out.

Hah, just found this while Googling "Evanston New Trier rivalry". Good to see from the comments that things haven't changed much in the North Shore: the arrogant, spoiled white kids from up north winning the "official" competition, then getting the crap kicked out of them in the parking lot afterwards by the bitter, no-good roustabouts from down south. Promptly followed by years of vicious argument from both sides about who are bigger jerks (I'm now 30, and Lord knows I still do it).

Classic stuff.

(And of course, I hope the kid's okay and back out in the bleachers again already.)

I actually know the kid from New Trier who got his nose broken, and also he wasn't outside of the arena... He was in his car, and one of the Evanston kids PULLED him out of the driver's seat window and beat the crap out of him. He obviously had no one to defend him. No one deserves that, even if it's a stuck-up northshore kid.

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