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Golf Digest pulls Tiger Woods' monthly columns

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Thumbnail image for golf-digest.jpgThose of you who wait on pins and needles for Tiger Woods' monthly instructional column in Golf Digest will be disappointed to hear that the publication has decided to stop running them.

Woods will remain on the magazine's masthead as Playing Editor, but clearly won't be penning anything while he takes an indefinite leave from golf.

There's no word on if the magazine will continue to pay Tiger during the break.

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Only if Nike were a little bit smarter than now, they'd be having another golfer join their brand.
1. There is a very high possibility that the good golf playing people would avoid purchasing Nike products from now, just to avoid infidelity itself, which now Tiger woods stands for.
2. Having someone else next to Tiger, Nike wouldn't have to worry about this kind of Tiger woods crisis when he do this again, I'm sure he'd do.
3. When they renew contract with Tiger, they can have better negotiation because they now have another face can represent their brand. Less money for Tiger.
4. Since Tiger caused all this turmoil for people out there and the brand, now Nike has a reason to have someone else other than Tiger Woods to represent their brand-golf stuff-

Hear me out Nike, take this chance, the company will be better off taking this a chance and hiring another golfer-make sure doing his background check regarding the person's mind, value systems, and if he received proper education about importance of being a good person than faking it all this terribly someone like Tiger woods. Don't disappoint the general good people please. My student is Korean and elementary school kid, heaven's sake, she knows the name Tiger woods, wasn't he famous indeed, now notorious though.

And when they sell three copies a month- lets see what they do then. Golf without Tiger is like skeet shooting without a gun- just watching skeets fly by. Who will replace Tiger anyway- Colin, Jasper? Good luck with that.....can't wait to see Tiger's return asking price- I bet he goes double- as he should.

Very sad very sad situation. Unfortunately tiger woods indiscreations not only might cost him his marriage and the
hurt he has brought on his family and those 2 precious children of his. But now the different sponsors pulling out . I applaued the
ones that have. We need to send a message that says the way you
live your life there are consequences.. Please please young people dont put these sports figues on a pedestal .. some might just disappoint

I am happy to hear it! I can't stand to look at him and I certainly do not wish to line his pockets.

Tiger Woods made a name for himself based on his skill and attitude toward the game of golf. While it is unfortunate that he has disgraced his family by his acts of infidelity, why are "we" now solely focused on that? His shortcomings as a husband and father have nothing to do with his gift of being the world's greatest golfer. I find it interesting how quickly the media, and his fans, have turned on him. When Tiger does return to golf...and you can bet he will...he will draw even greater attention, which inevitably will translate into even higher endorsements. People love drama. We will all tune in to see what Tiger's next move will be. I don't condone Tiger's personal actions, but none the less they are personal. His acts of "indiscretion" do not impact us on a personal level - we don't know the guy! Some of us (children included) look up to sports figures as people we idolize. That's an individual choice. When we do this, we get the whole package...indiscretions and all. Is this Tiger's issue? No! We are accountable for our own decisions. Tiger's personal struggles and his professional career are two separate issues. He has tried to keep his personal life as private as he can. Why can't people respect that?

Who cares about his articles? Elin should dump Tiger, and let him join Amway, along with his "girlfriends", as Amway also screws anything that moves. Amway is a scam, and here's why: Amway pays out as little money as they can get away with, so they support the higher level IBOs ripping off their downline via the tool scam. As a result, about 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss, while the top 1% make several TIMES more from their Amway tool scam than from the Amway products. Read about it on my blog, I suggest you start here: and forward the information to everyone you know, so they don't get scammed.

Mark S has said it perfectly. People are upset with Tiger because they thought they new him, when they didn't really know him at all.
All they knew was that he's the greatest golfer in the world. Tiger, take your time and work your problems out, then return to what you do best. Golf.

Unfortunately Tiger messed up his life and the lives of his family. But in time all will get over it. Especially because they all will still have a tremendous amount of money available to keep their lives on tract. As a husban and father, I am totally against his conduct. There is no excuse. His lack of judgement is nowhere akin to the dispicable lack of judgement that Bill Clinton had when he was our president. If he could continue to represent our country after his scandle why can't Tiger? As the worlds greatest golfer, he will be back. Whether or not his sponsors whish to keep him on board or not, if I like or want their products, it will have nothing to do with whomever endorses them.

J Carson asked arnold Palmer.s wife what she did for him for good luck . She replyed i kiss his balls.Carson reply was bet that makes his putter stand up/ Well maybe Tigers wife Should try that maybe his putter will stay in the bag.

Take a look at history and watch the Bio of Joe Lewis on HBO on demand.

Joe Lewis was the world’s greatest boxer while he was alive and he had the same problems as Tiger. Lots of money, fame and women who threw themselves at him. He was married, had two children and defended his title many times over and only the IRS got him down. Rich,Famous,Powerful sports figures are magnets for people who want to bask in their limelight. Lewis divorced and remarried and still was renowned as the Greatest Boxer in the World.

I guess its not enough to be the worlds number 1 golfer, have a great wife and two beautiful kids, and millions of dollars!!!! I guess he needed the 18 affairs as his life is so terrible...
I hope you lose it all!!!! I can say I will never buy anything that is affiliated to TIGER WOODS! This just shows the world what kind of a person you really are!!!!
I hope She GETS IT ALL!!!!

Here's the thing.. Tiger screwed up his personal life. He is still a great golfer. Most if not all of his fans will continue to be fans. What he does for golf has nothing to do with what he does in his personal life. What really pisses me off is that very little is being said about the tramps he slept with... all of them knowing he was married. Yes, he made the advances (as men usually do) but the women, accepted, thinking they could ride the "tiger express" to good times and money. That's all it is/was. Women are, in general terms after only one thing... MONEY. If Tiger were a single poor black man, he would NOT have had a chance with any of the sluts he slept with. I repeat SLUTS. I remember one of them talking about how she got Nothing for her efforts with Tiger... yup, she sold her snatch for what she thought would be a payday. When he didn't leave his wife, she felt cheated. That makes her nothing but a prostitute who thought she could cash in on her only asset. Her body.

I am so surprised at how things have changed. Back in the day, every successful man had a mistress. FDR and Eisenhower both come to mind as theirs published stories after the men died. The US is one of the few countries where infidelity is such a deal breaker. There are still countries which have polygamy. Rich men can afford more women. This whole thing of judging a man's profession by his personal relationships has gone too far. Politicians have ruined careers because we expect them to be saints. So this whole idea the public figures should be impeccable is unrealistic. The pope, yes, politicians and athletes no.

And women have changed a lot too. Gone are the days when women could be put into an insane asylum for suspecting their husbands were cheating. Now we cheer women on to dump their men for nearly any reason. Look at Kate Gosslin, now that is a bossy witch, but hey she is a woman of her times.

So yeah the days of the little woman staying at home while her husband runs around behind her back are long gone. But, only in American can we hold sports figures to such high saintly standards of conduct that we forget what made them famous, sports.

The arrogance and deceit of the enbtire Tiger Woods organization is beyond belief. Many people were obviously aware of all this for a long time because many people had to be involved in scheduling, procuring and shipping these women around the world. It is amazing the Nike is also trying to play hardball and ignore what has happened.
The Nike symbol,the swoosh has been changed from a respected trademard to a check mark for checking off Tiger's list of blond chicks. Sad, oh so sad. And for anyone to try to rebuild or ignore these events is beyound imagination. He is totally damaged and needs to be accountable for how he has made such a joke of a really clean sport. Palmer, Nicholas and others must be just sick.

I will buy more Nike products because it is not an opportunist who tries to get away with Tiger because of economic crisis. There is nothing to do with his personal life.

Nike does not use Tiger to represent its fedelity but it represents Tiger as a strong human beings instead. You must be the best on what you are doing. Tiger will be able to stand, even in strong wind or worse climates.

Tiger Woods IS NOT where he is today simply becasue he was a great golfer. TIGER was a package. Trust me, if he had been straight up about the fact that he was a womanizing jerk, who also happened to be a great golfer, he would NOT have been nearly as popular. He WOULD NOT have received the endorsements he received. Personally, I am done with him!!

Mark S., Patrick and John C. have the right idea. NONE of us are directly affected by what happens in Tiger's life. Sure his behaviour has been dissapointing to all of his fans and others alike, myself included, but let the past be the past and let the man deal with HIS own problems. I'm sure we all have our own to focus on.

I agree with Mark S. What does every boss tell his employees? Leave your personal problems at home when you come through the door at the office. Well Tiger's office is the golf course and when he steps on it he's at work so what ever happens to him at home stays at home. I for one want to watch him play golf not hear stories about his personal life. If you had a broker making you thousands of dollars a week and you find out he cheated on his wife are you going to ask for another broker? HECK NO! If you want drama you watch some cheesy reality show, if you want morality go to church, if you want to watch golf, you watch Tiger.

No, not good enough for the fans and sponsors who bought the squeaky-clean and family man image. Tiger was paid huge endorsement money not solely for his golf game.

The big If with Tiger is can he restore his sponsor base both fan and corporate. How many have had enough of all the Jordans, Bryants, and McNairs of this world? Why should families or companies support lifestyles that we can't even explain to our children? Everything we teach them is to the contrary. Definitely, we vote with our purchases what kind of lifestyle our children will experience. We have the society that our collective behaviors and decision making has long since sown and is now reaping.

Are we really willing to teach our children that it’s ok to cheat, lie and curse as long as they throw money at us and we can play a sport extremely well.

Sponsors …Feel sorry for you! Tiger Woods has destroyed his national reputation and credibility. The feelings are running so high because he destroyed his authenticity with our Nation's families and our youth.

Hanging onto him is as smart as hanging onto the Titanic on its way down.

Again, sponsors feel sorry for you! He deceived you and cheated you and mocked you just like he did Elin.

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