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Golf Digest cover story asks what tips Tiger Woods has for Barack Obama

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golf-digest-barack-obama-tiger-woods.jpgIn things-that-are-ironic news, the January issue of Golf Digest features a cover story titled "10 Tips Obama can take from Tiger." The main art is a focused Barack Obama and a very willing-to-give-advice Tiger Woods on a golf course together.

Obviously, the periodical went to print way before all the crashing, speculating and past-digging.

The article focuses on how the president should embrace the golf industry due to the game's positive impact on the economy.

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer writes the following as one of the short essays that accompanies the piece:

"Woods is a good role model -- not because he would make a good president (he wouldn't and neither would Phil Mickelson or anyone else who has spent his working life traveling between driving ranges on private jets), but because he is such a complete master of his talents and ambitions, and because he has always been able to pull himself together after setbacks that would have ruined the rounds, or even the careers, of lesser players."
Guess we'll see how accurate that statement is in the coming weeks/months/years.

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Going by the number of new golf jokes out there now....Tiger will be OK

I am thinking about another possible magazine article and cover title that would read "10 tips that Tiger took from Clinton"!

Ten things the Prez can learn from the Tiger. It's not wise to tee off your wife. Keep your balls where they belong. Keep a tight grip on your putter. Playing in the rough has its perils. Sometimes you need a new driver. Sometimes you should NOT go with the wood no matter how right it feels. It is not good to have the iron between your ears . . . or wrapped around your neck. Remember your public is always watching. A caddy can be a dangerous thing. Even when you think that you are at the top of your game you had better watch out for sand traps. And finally, remember to not let either your little head OR your big head get too swollen.

What a joke. Obama doesn't even listen to his military (expert) advisers...why would he listen to Tiger Woods? I am ashamed that I fell for and voted for such a radical politician ... I sure thought he was going to change politics, turns out he isn't any different than any of the others. Tiger, on the other hand, is finally showing his human side. He will apologize (to his wife and kids), make things right in his family and life, and recover from this 'man-caused disaster'. TIGER FOR PRESIDENT.

So who's Tiger Woods? Did the guy win a major in 2009? Woods will never touch Jones and Hogan for most consecutive top five finishes in U.S. Open (7). These guys had class, and served the game; not made the game serve them.

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