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Florida's Tim Tebow sporting John 16:33 on his eye black against Alabama

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tim-tebow-john-16-33.JPGIt's always interesting to see which Bible verse devout Christian and Heisman-enthusiast Tim Tebow chooses to inscribe on his eye black.

Today, the Florida Gators quarterback has gone with John 16:33 for the SEC Championship Game against Alabama.

It reads:

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will
have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
Thus far, the Crimson Tide offense has overcome the Gators' defense in building an early 9-0 lead in Atlanta.

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Interesting. Ya it's interesting and sickening. The guys working for a public institution. Keep religious stuff like this off TV and out of my face (and my kids!)

It was never 10 - 0, it was 9 -0. I hate it when know it all's think they know it all.

@t: Fixed. Congratulations on somehow picking up a holier-than-thou tone from me in a 70-word post about nothing controversial.

Actually, they don't have a 10-0 lead because they missed the extra point. And now the score is 9-3.

C'mon Fletch, lighten up. Christians shouldn't have to hide their religion any more than Hindus, Budhists, or Atheists should. Your kids need to learn that people have different religious views and that they are free to decide what they want to believe.

Talk about a know it all, apparently "t" never makes mistakes!

Also, Fletch, he does not work for a public institution, he goes to school there, and as a student, has every right to express his beliefs.

Hey Fletch....Tebow doesn't "work" for a public institution...he "plays" for a public institution. And we're lucky to live in a country where all views can be expressed. Teach your children to be receptive to all peoples...they will go much further in life!

God Bless Wendy, God bless Tebow and God Bless America. MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL

He has the right to express himself, just like everyone else. I feel that its encouraging to see that a young person has the courage to express his religious beliefs.

Hey Fletch- he doesn't work for anybody - he goes to school there.

And if that's they way you feel about somebody just having some letters and numbers on their skin make sure you tell your kids to get their prison tats where there shirts will cover them- cause I sure as hell wouldn't want their beliefs (such as they are) in my face.

As an American, I find it refreshing to see Tebow's eye black. I agree with Wendy's post. With all of the contraversy that some college athletes create, (recent DUI's, know who I'm talking about) it's good to know that some college athletes will take that extra step to send a good message. By the way, GO GATORS!!

he's a Jezus freek

There is no greater indictment of liberalism - than it's advocates insistence that free speech must be conditioned to fit only their views and ideology. Tim Tebow corageously "speaking" his faith in something bigger than himself is a bright beacon in the darkness of a self absorbed and ignorant world.

Just a thought.....Isn't American the home of the free and the brave? Tebow isn't preaching, he's expressing his values, so what? For someone to be be upset that a bible verse is written on, gasp!, black eye patch, I would have to say that there are more pressing things to be concerned about your children seeing. By the way arturo, I see it as very disrespectful to include a person's religious preference and the word freak, (ps Jezus is spelled Jesus),in the same sentence, regardless of your religious preference.

How refreshing to see a young man stand up for principles and beliefs. There is nothing fake about him!!!

Maybe he should have gone with INGRAM 13:32 perhaps?

I am proud of Tebow for being strong and confident in what he believes! For those of you who have problems with it, maybe your just under conviction!

I have to disagree with John O'Neill. True, many liberals do insist that free speech fit only their views, but so do many, many conservatives. I am a liberal and if you read my earlier post on this page, I defended Tebow's right to free speech, as I would anybody. We should all be more tolerant of people with views different from our own if we want our country to remain free. God bless America and All other countries as well!

What he did was fine. He is expressing his beliefs and values. Not exploiting anything or trying to gain from it. I do not have his level of faith at all but still think it is okay. Those that do it and have a less moral agenda and/or ulterior motives are the ones that offend me. He does not.

Now if he had "Allahu Akbar" scribbled on his cheeks - that would be an interesting discussion.
Who pays his tuition? Books? Dorm? Chow? The public does. All this to entertain us. So, yes we works for us.
Just a bit "freeky"

I love when professional sports players quote scripture or thank GOD for a win. Football players have been compared to the gladiators of old. It is a violent sport, where the object is to hurt your opponent. I highly doubt GOD would approve of his book being used anywhere near a football game, let alone approve of anything having to do with football. It's a bunch of hypocrisy. A true christian would not even play football, let alone pretend that GOD cares about the game or gave him the skills to play it.

Mike have you read any part of the old testament? God's people were constantly at war and often He fought for them! And the object of football is not to hurt your opponent. Players getting hurt happens, but people get hurt jogging too. So by your reasoning God wouldn't his book being used anywhere near a sidewalk, treadmill, or track because of the damage to your ankles and knees.

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