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Even Michael Phelps feels sorry for Tiger Woods

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Thumbnail image for phelpsvideogame.jpgIf any athlete understands the immense scrutiny that Tiger Woods is going through right now, it's Michael Phelps.

Remember, if you will, a time when the entire world was knocked off its axis when a photo of him holding a bong was posted online. In retrospect, that firestorm seems pretty minor compared with the one Tiger's found himself in.

At a "Duel in the Pool" event in Manchester, England, Phelps expressed sympathy for Woods and that he wishes the golfer and his family well.

Don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick of athletes around the globe being asked to weigh in on this topic.

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The athletes who are weighing in on this subject think that what they say matters more than the rest of us who do not live in their isolated cocoons. They feel we could not understand them. Hey, here is a news flash to Michael, Charles, Spike and MJ. You know nothing more about what makes Tiger tick than the rest of us. Being caught and exposed for your own brand of stupidity does not make you an expert in giving advice to others.

Tiger Woods' Newsletter. Hilarious!

Phelps must have taken a hit right before he made those comments. I feel sorry for people who can't help their actions. Tiger on the other hand, had it coming to him the entire time.

Feel sorry for Tiger? Not me. I feel sorry for his wife who has to go through this with the world watching her. Tiger should know how his children are going to feel about him, his father did the same thing. The acron did not fall far from the tree.

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