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Chris Henry threatened to kill himself moments before fatal fall

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chris-henry-accident3.JPGA neighbor of Chris Henry's fiancee says that Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry begged her to stop the truck or he would kill himself just moments before his death.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have said that a domestic dispute lead to the fatal injuries Henry sustained when he fell off a moving pickup driven by Loleini Tonga Wednesday.

Tonga's neighbor, Lee Hardy, was perched on a 15-foot ladder cutting back some trees when he saw the yellow pickup "zooming" up the Tongas' gravel driveway just a few yards away. Hardy said a shirtless black man clung to the top and side of the truck while standing in the bed, begging her to stop the vehicle.

"He was banging on the top, on the doors, screaming at the lady, 'We need to talk,'" Hardy said. "He said, 'If you take off, I'm going to jump off the truck and kill myself.'"

Hardy said she stopped, hesitating at the end of the driveway, and took off.

Soon afterward, authorities received two calls alerting them of the incident, which ended just a half-mile from Tonga's family home. Police say she stopped immediately after he fell from the truck.

No charges have been filed in connection with the death.

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This is a sad story and i am stunned to hear that he died Chris is my favorite wide reciever and i played it for 4 years useing what i learned from watching Chris Henry's Highlights. I hope to play for the Bengals and wear number 15 to support his accomplishments. I wish to say that i am sorry for the loss to his whole family.

Sounds like an attempt to spare the fiance from facing manslaughter charges. I highly doubt Chris Henry said this alleged statement as it is portrayed.

Why is it that more than 24-hours ago, no neighbors had any idea what was going on? Now a neighbor emerges who claims to have been in a tree, and the only statement they can recall is Henry saying he's going to jump out of the truck and kill himself?

Way too convenient.

I think this guy is trying to get attention. I wish the press would stop reporting it. The eye witness said Henry was beating on the window as the truck was going down the street. That is hardly suicidal behaviour. It is ashame that these creatons come out and try to get on TV at a time when a team, a city and a family is trying to mourn a loss.

This Sounds Lke a story to cover up the fiance incident. How come she only heard he is going to kill hisself and im pretty sure a NFL player with a lot to lose would kill himself to talk to his wife. Nothing is that important to talk about to lose your life for.

I hope they nail his fiance to the cross! What a crock of a story!!
She is responsible. Period.
Nice of her to stop when her fiance was laying on the ground dying.

I'm with you Rob T.. this does sound a little fishy..

I'm thinking this smells like bad "fish" lets put Nancy Grace on the story!

So you're saying the neighbor wants to help out the fiance by making up a story to cover up her part in the incident? And what was her part in the incident? Trying to get away from Chris who may have threatened to hurt her? I guess she should have stopped, but my first thought when I heard about this was that she thought she was in danger. I doubt she was running to the 7-11 and was like "Oh Chris, I didn't know you wanted to go with me!" And this neighbor is motivated to make up a suicide story for what reason? Fame and fortune? Yes, big time NFL stars do kill their girlfriends (Ray Carruth) and commit suicide (Andre Waters Eagles, and Jeff Alm Houston Oilers).

A basically shy mild mannered man jumps in the back of a pick up and dies. Why? Because his fiance is having a hissy fit because he won't spend more on her wedding!! Wonder what she expected Dear old Dad to fork out. It's a shame Chris couldn't see how much money meant to this wench before this happened.

I think this story is bogus. Loleini Tonga took off when she knew Chris was in the back of the truck with no way of staying in the truck. She knew that Chris would get hurt if she drove with him in the back. However, what she did not know is how serious it would be.

I hold her accountable for her actions. She is responsible for this horrible accident.

george ofman had it right when he said on CTL that chris henry's death was a case of "natural selection". this was bound to happen. a darwin award nomnee for sure.

I think this is really sad knowing that this really great athlete. turned his life aroud and got out of trouble and he is a great WR.. and now he is gone put the wife in jail so she can think.. that her boyfriend would be here if she would of gotten out of the truck insted of running away from her problems its all her fault

Situations like this are usually preceeded by abuse and mental illness, so lets blame the woman and hide the shortcommings of the superstar. "But", if she is charged she will get a bigger book deal.
God Bless America, lol.

YO YO YO ha-HA none of you know the real story, liking chris henry doesn't mean you can try to paint his wife as a criminal.

Deify this guy much? He was a waste of skin that had a rap sheet longer than most hard-core criminals who are actually doing time. And it's only because of his deification by fans and slacker judges that he was even out of jail long enough to be on the back of that pickup. The only person responsible for Chris Henry's death, is Chris Henry.

So these two are having an argument when the lady decides to enough is enough. The guy jumps on the back of the truck as she leaves. Now regardless what was then said the lady did not want to talk (fight) any more and was leaving so he then jumps in the back of the truck. All he had to do was let her leave but no he decides “I’ll jump on the back of the truck that will keep her from leaving’. Smart move. But by all means lets blame the lady for trying to get away right. I bet you think this was her plan right “He’ll jump on the back of the truck and I will be rid of him forever” Stop blaming the lady for the stupid actions of a troubled man.

Not much of a football person, not alot of knowledge about the sport but this story caught my attention in all it's sadness & heaviness on my heart.
Agreeing with most above...bogus witness, cover-up! The neighbor of the fiance - not gonna go good for you to cover for the fiance. She should be held accountable for causing his death! Why take off with him in the bed of the truck? The neighbor should be charged for bald face lieing (false report) & hopefully the law will THOROUGHLY investigate and see through this cover-up. Crystal clear fishiness going on! What a shame!!!

God rest his soul & bless his family and his children to make it through this hard time!

I agree with M Dog in that how do we know she didn't feel in danger? Here is an obviously big strong man beating on the windows of this truck telling her to stop. Everyone is so quick to speculate and divert blame from the "superstar". She might have been afraid to stop. Bottom line is everyone seems to be talking here as if they are personal friends with one or both of these people. I would assume he has some issues considering the troubles he has had in the past. I have no idea what her deal is, so I can't really speculate on what happened as if I was intimately involved. Just like how everyone believes Michael Vick did his punishment and should not have to deal with any more circumstances. My job is nowhere near as lucrative or as much in the spotlight as his, and I would NOT have my job after serving a sentence for something like that. I would be able to find A job, but my current job would not be waiting for me when I got out of jail.

If you're in the back of a truck for a ride, it's easy to sit down and stay safe. No top athlete just falls out of a truck, and no one could make a highly athletic person fall out of a truck no matter how they drove it. He must have been irate, banging on the cab, reaching around and all that. Instead of jumping in the back to "make her talk" he should have just let her go.

Chris Henry was a violent criminal that was in the process of comitting yet another criminal act when he died. So please stop with this "he was just turning around his life BS".

If he doesn't die, he would have been arrested for what he was doing! His finace was obviously running from something. Saying he was turning his life around is a flat out LIE.

Chris Henry was a punk. Period.
Sad that he is dead, but people who "have their lives turned around" aren't in the back of that truck in that situation.

I just want to send my condolences to his children, family, friends, and fiancé. My family is Bengal fans and we support all of the players. Chris, a magnificent athlete, made bad decisions in the past and I believe that he learned from his mistakes. After all, he is human; no one is perfect! Based off of the creditable information that has been released, I believe that Ms. Tonga acted very irresponsibly. She had no right to operate the vehicle if she knew that anyone was not in the vehicle the correct way (inside)!!! I doubt that he was trying to cause her any harm and if she felt like he was, she could have called the police or found help. She acted out of anger and at the time I don't think that she cared about what was going to happen to Chris. She knew that he would fall of the truck eventually. Furthermore, she knew that he wasn't going to be able to get up and walk away. I believe she should face criminal charges because she didn't use good judgment. R.I.P. God Bless.

Yeah everyone is mad at the fiancee. Let's see, a past history of criminal behavior, a crazed lunatic pounding on the roof of a moving truck like a die hard movie, and she is to blame. Come on people use your heads. He could have let her leave, he could have sat down in the bed of the truck. There are numerous factors that could have changed the outcome, but he chose the most ridiculous and outrageously dangerous one. The only one to blame here is himself, regardless of the circumstances.

Wow, I love how people that didn't know the first thing about the situation, and are only reading it in print, can sit and play judge and jury on ANYONE. Welcome to America, where thanks to the internet, anyone can play God and mind everyone's business but their own.

All of you defending Tonga, that's fine, but if that if it had been her in the back of that truck, and Henry driving, he would have already been locked up and charges filed.

to Doug, the last crime he was accused of he was acquitted of. Not saying he's a saint, he wasn't, not by any means, but, he didn't deserve this and trying to blame him for his own death just isn't right.

I repeat, if the situation were reversed, he would have already been charged.

How can he be much of a threat with one arm, his arm in in a cast, he broke his forearm in a game just recently!

You know I really think all of you who "think" they know what happen are ignorant and need to get a life. Not one of you know the true story, but here you are on the blog talking all this Sh** like you knew these two people. All your information is from the media, that doesn't mean its 100% accurate. Give the respect this family deserves and keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

May god bless the Henry and Tonga family during this rough time.

they were both hoods. i don't know what happened but you don't have to be a genius to figure out from the facts that we do know that chris henry was a threat to his gangsta fiance. her words not mine. check out her my space page "once a gansta always a gangsta".
if you are defending c. henry then you will probably be in prison soon since you think he is such a great guy. enjoy crack selling and poverty......

If Chris Henry got in the truck at the end of the driveway, before it was moving, and she took off knowing she had a man with a broken arm in the bed of her truck (which she did know) she is somewhat responsible, because with only one good arm, he was not going to be able to hang on very well. If somebody really did hear him say "if you don't stop I'm going to jump out and kill myself" first of all, what he could have meant was "I can't ride in the back of a truck very long, I will have to jump out, and I could DIE" he also could have made that threat simply as an idle threat once she started zooming down the road with him in the back. YOu and I might say that too, if we were trapped in the back of a speeding pick up truck, he had to be freezing with no shirt on. I find it quite disturbing that she was reported to be going at "a high rate of speed" with the man she supposedly loved hanging on for dear life. Who does that? She also took a curve in the road at a high rate of speed with him not secured in the back, that's crazy to do that if you care about somebody. If the neighbor was telling the truth, that still doesn't prove he ever did really jump from the truck or wanted to kill himself. I wasn't there, but my opinion is that she was furious and not caring if he fell out or not. As people said, if she was afraid of him, she was on a public street, why didn't she pull over for his safetly, use her cell phone to call police and lock the truck doors? This story stinks,,, seems to me it's manslaughter at the very least.


I was told by someone close to the family that once they were told homicide investigators were on the scene that there was numerous calls being made to neighbors, friends, etc. asking them to give statements in support of Tonga - (which should be able to be proven in court if their cell phone bills are introduced into evidence)

There is no doubt in my mind that it was Loleini Tonga fault for Chris' death. The vehicle was "stopped" when he was allegedly banging on the truck. Loleini then drove off even despite the fact that Chris begged her to stop the truck. At most, Loleini should be charged with manslaughter and her driver license snatched from her. But above all of that, the saddest part of it Loleini caused the death leaving the children fatherless, only days away from Christmas.

But I think when it's all said and done, she will probably be charged with vehicular manslaughter, given the fact that (although he was in the back of the truck) Loleini knowingly and wilfully drove that truck in such a manner that was clearly dangerous for anyone to be on the back of that truck. She clearly knew what she was doing and certaintly knew that bodily injury would follow.

I would have no problem prosecuting her and I'm sure there's a prosecurot in North Carolina will find these circumstances prosecutable.


I agree with you Rob T. If you follow is progress, why would someone who is trying to live right, become a family man and looking forward to getting back on the field do something like that???? After listening to coaches, teamates and friend, Chris was at his best on the field and I dont see him wanting to end his life...JUST DON'T BELIEVE THAT ONE!!!!!!!!

I am a huge Bengal fan and all i have to say is I watched henry be a problem child and I watched Henry change his ways. When you do a 360 that does not mean that you are perfect, you still have emotions and emotions can lead us to do crazy/stupid things. I think jumping in the back of the truck was stupid, but does it merit death? Henry and Tonga dated since before he entered the NFL, I'm pretty sure she knew he would not physically harm her. Saying that I think she is partly responsible for not stopping danger because she was in control of that vehicle, her choice was to speed up and hit curves at high speeds with a one armed man in the bed of the truck that she "loved".... and what about her children. What he did was stupid,, but what she did was way worse because a life was lost.

chirs henry is my favitory wide review and i dont think he killed himself

A tragedy took place, and it is best to await all the facts including those from the police investigation before arriving to a conclusion of whom is guilty in C. Henry's death.

As far as the caruth comment (andre waters: only killed self; Alms: was drunk driving, he and friend died in crash; they did not kill their girlfriends/wives). Steve McNair or Caruth's girlfriend, and a few others are generally extreme cases. However, you have not compared more frequent and very impactful occurrences of the "juanita jordan's" versus the Mr Oprah Winfrey's and kevin federline's. The empires the women built are theirs and theirs alone, divorces or not. Athletes, as well as the common man are affected by dishonest women, and a man innately seeing a woman as innocent and the male as the evil athlete and guilty before the truth comes out, can be a prime candidate for a gold-digger or black widow. Check to see that your wife or girlfriend is honest and has integrity, because a deceitful woman is capable of anything, even her man's permanent demise.

A tragedy took place, and it is best to await all the facts including those from the police investigation before arriving to a conclusion of whom is guilty in C. Henry's death.

As far as the caruth comment (andre waters: only killed self; Alms: was drunk driving, he and friend died in crash; they did not kill their girlfriends/wives). Steve McNair or Caruth's girlfriend, and a few others are generally extreme cases. However, you have not compared more frequent and very impactful occurrences of the "juanita jordan's" versus the Mr Oprah Winfrey's and kevin federline's. The empires the women built are theirs and theirs alone, divorces or not. A man innately seeing a woman as innocent and the male as the evil athlete and guilty before the truth comes out, can be a prime candidate for a gold-digger or black widow.

please someone out there tell me did Loleini Tonga ever report chris henry to the police for abuse and violent behaviour against her.

that would tell a lot about her behaviour.

as far as i can see she forgave him for all his past wrong doings cos they were still living together.this sounds like a woman with feelings of love for her man and not a woman that wanted to kill him.

maybe she was really trying to get away from him.chris got into the back of the truck for some reason.but he had a broken hand.normal guy with a broken hand would not be trying to get into the back of a truck.

there are family on both sides hurt in this.including the 3 kids

Wow! This is really sad. I not particularly a football fan but this goes far beyond just a game. Chris was human just as each of us is and no one knows what we are capable of in any situation. It's easy to sit back and analyze the situation and give the "what should, could, or would have happened if we were in his shoes". We have the ability to choose good vs evil but sometime evil prevail. Do you really believe that he thought by jumping on the truck was going to end his life he would have done so? Chris is gone and there is nothing no one can do to bring him back. Right or wrong, we are not the judge of his eternal fate. Let it go....if you really want to concentrate on something, focus your love and prayers on his family. The children are the ones who are left without a father. It amazes me that even during this time of the year when we are reminded of the special gift that God gave to us, we are still petty and lack compassion. There is always 3 sides to every story, his side, her side and somewhere between those two lies the truth. How would you feel if you could look down and see your family suffering because daddy is gone and will not come back. People show some love.....let's pray for those children and his family during this difficult time and let them know that we are thinking about them instead of judging Chris.

we wasrscoonder what his wonderlic

LIES, LIES, NEIGHBOR MADE A DEAL. This is ludicrous and if Charlotte Police do not charge her they are complicit in this CRIME.
How stupid they are that they think people believe this coming from Chris.NO WAY! Tonga controlled this talented man and she is a drunk.

we all have to remember that sometimes things arent released right as they hear it. all of the information that has been released in my opinion was kind of delayed. they released the info about the crash hours after it happened. it wasnt on the news until later that night. then he died at 636 am and that wasnt released until around nine to the public.

but i do think the real story isnt coming out. this is truly shocking and said. chris henry was really one of the most talented and nice football players i have met. and his kids were adorable. rip chris henry, you will be missed.

For those who have spoken negatively of Tonga, imagine her as your beloved twin sister. For those who have expressed negative views about Christ Henry, imagine he is your beloved twin brother. Your opinions on the incidents involving his death would change drastically. Please pray for all those involved as well as yourself and family members as you never know what incidents you'll face in days to come.

As a close friend to the family you should embarrassed that you would make such rude and accusatory comments. Imagine for one second that the most tragic moment in your life, losing your significant other, was slandered and publicized all over international news. Imagine people making assumptions about the incident and how it all happened. Please, give the family (both of them) some slack and let them mourn the loss of Chris.

i read an interview of this same neighbor describing the fine character of Tonga's family. At that time the article didn't mention that he over-heard or witnessed the incident.

All you do-gooders saying Chris is at fault because he is a criminal are just plain small minded, and flat out ignorant! To all you brainless losers go back to your jobs and micromanage something you mental midgets. First off if your engaged to someone that is labeled as a criminal although that is a pretty general term, you need to know how to deal with an argument with an emotional charged person who does not follow rules well, without KILLING THEM!!! There is no exuse on her part, this type of emotional argument in a relationship is to be expected with someone with a criminal record, DUH!!! All you idiots crawl out from under your rock or out of your blog and bring your ignorance out in the real world and see how much you really know!!

Seems to be a trend to blame victims. The problem here: 2 victims. Men, ask yourself this: What would it take for a woman in your life to keep driving while you're hanging on her vehicle? Answer: Either -she's- nuts or she fears that -you- are. Really, don't we -know-? This guy was -not- ok! If she stopped, we might be reading about -her- death! At the very least, that's what she -thought-.

I do not beleive Henry killed him self. He was not driving the truck she was. All she had to do is pull over and call 911 if she felt threatened. Did she do that???? No she kept on going until he fell out and died. Now her children have no father. I hope she is happy. She needs to be in jail. If I did that to my husband I would be buried under the jail and ask questions later.

they dont want her to go to jail thats bull she killed him and she know she did.she was stubborn person who didnt stop the car and mad its all good till some one gets hurt a very selfish act on her part sad for his family.she was mad and fighting with know she wasnt driving safe

Young, impulsive, but at the same time there was an undeniable urgency that would have gotten Chris Henry to jump into the back of the truck to try to stop the mother of his children from leaving. The man didn't even have shoes or a shirt on. He obviously wasn't prepared for her to race out of the house. That dispute had to have been over a lot more than the cost of a wedding... even though it did seem like she was carrying it a bit far with 20 bridesmaids.
She must have threatened to do something stupid. Otherwise why would he be so adament about trying to get her to stop and talk to him. I think he just told her he would jump out of the truck and try to kill himself to shock her but she only paused for a moment and then continued to charge out of the driveway and onto the road. A poor choice that led to a deadly consequence. She was driving recklessly if she knowingly continued to speed down the road with a guy in the back of her truck. Did you notice the bed of that truck? With a bed that short... no wonder he fell out. I also thought it was interesting that he fell into the road and not on the side of it. If he were truly planning to jump out of the car I can't imagine that he would have jumped into the middle of the road. I don't think she should be charged with murder but she should be held accountable for her part in it. She should have stopped the car. I definitely think she should lose her license for the rest of her life. If his family chose to sue her... what would they really gain? All the money in the world won't bring him back. Not to mention his children would lose even more. The whole situation is terribly sad and unfortunate.

She is responsible. It is her fault. She should be charged. What a sad story. R.I.P Chris

For the idiots on here trying to accuse Chris here's a little article for you

A source close to the situation has exclusively told Bossip that Henry’s fiancée, Loleini Tonga
has a history of domestic violence and a severe drinking problem. The source states, “I knew the next time Chris would get in trouble it would be because of that girl. She drinks all the time, they get into fights, and she has even bragged about getting into disputes with former boyfriends.”

she has problems. he had problems. nobody is perfect, we live in a world full of sin and people make mistakes. im sure everyone in this blog has done something wrong that they shouldn't have done. But that doesn't mean your considered a bad person forever. Yet because chris made mistakes just like everyone else does, he is to blame for is death. noooooooooooo and anyone who thinks he is in fault for his death your just ignorant and need some more education in your life.

R.I.P. Chris Henry #15

You'll be missed

First and foremost the death of such a young man, children loosing their father, and parents loosing a child are terrible terrible tragedies. I hoped an prayed when I heard there was an accident that it would not end this way. So sad. It absolutely sickens me to hear and read some of the things that people say would about a deceased person, whom they personally did not even know, and with absolutely no remorse. There are things in this situation ALL parties could have changed not leading to this outcome, but that is not the case here. No one will ever really know what dispute this couple was having, and what exactly led up to his death, only they do. The man had problems in his life, many of us at some time do, some of them more severe than others. In my opinion he had matured and took his last chance in stride, doing what he needed to reach where he wanted to be in life. I can almost absolutely say that anyone in a significant relationship, or knows someone who is, knows what love can make people do during an arguement. Plenty of the people pointing fingers would most likely have some things in their life that they would not want exposed for the entire country to see, big or small. That is exactly what happens when you encounter fame, even the not-so-prevalant-to-news stories get blown out of proportion. So please look upon yourselves before casting a stone and answer yourself... if this was your loved one, brother, cousin, son, or father would you want them to be riticuled for the mistakes that they made in their life or remembered for how they touched peoples lives? **Rest In Peace Chris "SLIM" Henry**

I know Loleini and her family. First of all- they are Tongan. If you know ANYTHING about Tongan people is that while they are large in stature and in strength their hearts are even bigger. That is the Tonga family. My father was her bishop for over 10 years. She and her sisters and mother would often make blankets for our family as gifts of thankfulness for my father's service to others. They made handmade liaes (sp?) for those that they honored and respected. To say that she was soley responsible for Chris's death is absurd. None of us know what happened between the two and we never will. However, she loved him, and he loved her- I think he would be ashamed of people speaking so negatively about her.

It's amazing how the women in Mecklenburg County can just get away with cold blooded murder.... Dedra Lane killed Fred Lane and walked 10 years later.I seriously doubt that they will arrested Tonga. If you are married to a NFL player move to Charlotte if you wanna kill him and get away with murder!I know her back wasn't completely against the wall on her actions that day.Sad story and those poor babies will have to grow up without a father.I feel sorry for them all......

what a stupid,crazy *itch. he has a broken arm and your driving with him in the back. if henry really was threatning to jump out why would you keep driving at high speeds, he was threatning to hurt himself not her, her only reason to keep driving was to be a crazy *itch and risk his life. henry turned his life around and got killed by a stupid girl trying to prove shes not to be messed with. well you won dumb*ss hes dead. so many people act crazy these days for no reason, this is what happens. throw her *ss in jail! i coldnt believe she talked at the funeral, if i was in henrys family I would have spit on her.

WHY DO WE HAVE THE POLICE? If she even thought he was going to hurt her why not call the police? She had the weapon, the truck!!!!
She is the one that could do damage!!!! Why not call the police?
Somebady answer that question. Another person that will get away with murder!!!!!!

Please people understand. Bottom line is children have lost a father, a fiance' has lost a fiance' and none of us knows what happened. Have most of you even met either one of them? To say what you would have done or what either of them should have done is irrelevant. People often say and do irrational things when upset. Let's just pray for the family and move on to something more worthy of comment.

yo man the fat girl killed chris this is nonsince take her some were

They know her no good self killed that man she knew what she was doing.Why did somebody else call the police not her? Things to wonder about.Im sorry for the loss but they money hungry mother took they father away.I pray for the family.And somebody please lock up what ever her name is with her fake tears and lies.

Hey I was a witness at the scene of the crime from what I seen it was a tragedy that happen on that cold day he didnt have a shirt on,he was beating on the window,and yelling that he wanted to talk. Who ever may read this it didnt happened the way it seems believe it this is from what I seen as Chris Henry Eyes I didnt know who he was till later on that day but I heard a lot of good things about him and I wished I had known about him as a person or as a football player but from what I heard he was turning his life around that was a blessing from god if you know what I mean I really do miss him everyday and I really didnt know him but he reminded me so much of my brothers lying on that cold road with that sad look in his eyes brought me to tears all I could think about why didnt she stop to let him in the truck? Now he gone and kids have no father not saying that to be mean just saying that to be real he will be missed with love #15 Chris Henry from Chris Henry Eyes.

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