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Chan Ho Park suing former catcher Chad Kreuter for unpaid loan

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chan-ho-park-chad-kreuter.JPGThe old adage is to not loan money to your friends, because it just gets weird.

Apparently, it's not such a good idea for battery-mates to get in the loaning game either.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Chan Ho Park has filed a lawsuit against his former catcher Chad Kreuter for cash he claims he lent in 2005.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Park says he made the loan because Kreuter "had been a highly compensated Major League Baseball
player" and he assured Park that he "would have no difficulty paying [Park] back."

According to the suit, Kreuter signed a promissory note for the debt, but only made one payment for $290,000.

Now Park wants the remaining $170,000 plus interest and fees for the loan -- totaling $226,358.76.

No word if his awesome postseason beard was a ploy to curry favor with the court.

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