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Chad Ochocinco reacts to Chris Henry's death

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Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco talked about the death of his teammate Chris Henry this morning, becoming understandably emotional.

Ochocinco said he and Henry "talked before every game" and spoke about the way the Henry was "doing everything right" leading up to yesterday's tragedy.

He also quoted passed some wisdom from his grandmother, saying: "You never really question the man upstairs on the decisions he makes because he never makes a mistake."

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I feel sorry for Chris. Another young otherwise successful life lost to a psychopathic woman! Why can't these players get NORMAL women? True women that aren't in it for the $$ or the RINGS as his psycho was! It is high time they start dating and marrying respectable women. Poor Chris and his family. His poor children now don't have a father. We as fans now only have the what if's to think about Chris in the future. No doubt he would have been a Hall of Famer if given the chance. To have his life taken by an idiot! TRYING to weave and swerve at a high rate of speed in a neighborhood, intentionally to throw him out of the truck??!! UNACCEPTABLE!! I hope they arrest her and she gets LIFE in jail. And when she dies, Satan will show her all the hereafter she deserves burning in the fiery depths where she belongs! She is a crazy drunk and LOVED to start fights with him with her pathetic jealousy! She always used to brag about fighting with other men in her life! Well Loleini Tonga, the cops are coming to get you, and I hope you are happy now! I hope you live a long and harsh life behind bars, and die ALL ALONE!!!! As a woman, I know how women like her are, cheap, trashy money lovers, thinking they can get a high dolla man to change their lives. The bad thing is unfortunately the man is the one that gets the change.....=( so sad Chris. May you rest in peace and keep on doin what you do up there in Heaven sport. Here on Earth, we will miss you all the days of football. =-(

Since this was a black on black dont expect any investagations any further in this case. Very sad for his family.

Trust me it happen to my family and it was a close case!

My condolences go out to Chris Henry's family, children, and loved ones who now must face the loss of his passing. May God bless them and strengthen them in their hour of need. In Jesus Precious Name. Amen.

rest in peace Chris henry i will not be forgottin

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