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Was the Bears-49ers debacle one of the worst football games you've ever seen?

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jay-cutler-49ers.jpgJay Cutler apologized to the offense.

He apologized to the defense.

After throwing a career-high five interceptions in the Bears' miserable 10-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, one can understand why he did this. After all, it was sort of embarrassing.

In my humble opinion, it's not the only apology needed.

Last night's game was -- and I don't think this is an exaggeration -- among the three worst all-around football games I've ever watched.

And everyone involved with it should apologize to those of us who wasted 3-plus hours watching it.

The Bears were bad. The 49ers were bad. There were interceptions. There were botched field goals from short range. There was an astounding flurry of penalty flags on the last drive -- ruining any momentum or flow at all.

That's just the on-the-field stuff.

The foray onto the NFL Network was met with some pretty harsh reviews in our live chat, with many questioning how the announcing could be so bad (to be fair, Matt Millen was involved). The audio levels struggled for consistency all night. At one point we were treated to a prolonged shot of a green screen.

It was on Thursday night, which means many of you are struggling with workday hangovers right now -- if you're into that kind of thing.

In summation, it was gross. Perhaps one of the grossest ever.

Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.

What do you think? Does last night's puke-fest rate as one of the all-time stinkers?

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18 Comments was ugly all the way around. I'm a 9ER fan...and I'm glad we won..but I don't feel good about it. And I am struggling with the post Thursday night NFL hangover..

I've seen some lousy Bears games in my 56 years, Rusty Lisch at QB, Jack Concanon, remember when he tried to call a timeout, backed away from center and the center hiked the ball and it went straight into the air and was intercepted by a defensive lineman who ran for a TD? Moses Moreno at QB and a host of Wanny and Abe Gibron games that were just horrible, but last night's was right up there. I was in Candlestick Park when Cade McKnown never got the Bears past the 50 yd line and TO caught 20 passes from Garcia, try sitting through one like that. What is it with San Francisco and the Bears, they just reach new lows everytime they go there?

Kyle responds: Well, clearly there have been worse games for Bears fans. But neither team brought much excitement at all last night -- I guess that's my point. Just ugly, ugly, ugly.

I was there! Without a doubt, the WORST Bears game I've ever seen. Or more specifically, by a Bears' quarterback. Cutler was a oneman wrecking crew! He easily could've thrown seven interceptions, if you can believe that. He showed no regard for coverages and made the same mistakes over and over. I am not ashame to admit that I yelled for Orton and our two number one picks back. Even Henry Burris would've done better. Of the 60,000 plus fans, 25% had to have been Bears' fans. But we were rewarded with this putrid performance. The penalties, paltry play calling, and lack of impact plays by the entire team, is an indictment of the coaching staff. The city of Chicago deserves better.

I tend to look at the a 49er fan, I am glad we won, albeit the unwanted suspense at the final minute almost killed me. This was not an awful game, it was a game of pure heart, it was a game of hard knocking DEFENSEs. You do not always need to run up the score to make it enjoyable. I am sure if the Colts-Patriots game, this Sunday, ends with the same type of scoring, critics would applaud them as two great teams who maintained even keel. As a 49er fan in DC, I do not get to watch my team on Sundays, because my HOA does not allow satellite hookups at our complex.

However, I value watching them when I can and during their seldom appearances on the national stage. I just don't appreciate negative comments about players, on both Defenses last night, that played with the right stuff...particularly from armchair critics.

Sorry Jim Kirdar, but the 49ers offense stunk up the place last night. They were the receivers of FIVE turnovers and managed to score only 10 points? 7 of which came after getting the ball on the 12 yard line??? Almost any other NFL team would have come out of that game with at least 21 points. And it was not the Bears defense that was solely responsible for that horrible offensive performance, it was incredibly predictable play calling, poor passing, and horrible run blocking. Pretty sad and if you'd watched the 49ers all season, it would be obvious that this is exactly what is wrong with our team right now - we have decent talent and motivation on offense, but just about everything else stinks about our offense and that is why we lose games so regularly.

The game wasn't that bad if you were a 49ers fan.

Niners have a Great Defense ... mix in Crab, VD + Gore = bright future

The NFL Network's broadcast was hilarious. Did anyone else see the near vertigo-inducing switching of camera shots when Cutler was walking on to the field early in the game? They went from Cutler to some random shot on the field, back to Cutler for a split second, field, etc. something something like 10 times over 5 seconds. And having someone run out on the field with a steady-shot to capture the dramatic moment when the QB reaches the huddle was worthless. One of these days a cameraman is going to trip out there, crash into the players and blow out someone's ACL.

The only positive I took from the game was the tackle of Gore for a loss by Tommie Harris in the second half. He actually looked like himself for the first time in 2 seasons, if only for that one play. He boosted past the line and got 10 yards into the backfield so quickly someone said they heard Alex Smith scream a little. That and Peanut leaving the game injury free. Without him the Bears would probably give up 400 yards passing a game.

And NFLN should just push Deion and Mooch right off of the studio desk and leave Eisen and Faulk as a Boomer/TJ setup.

Alex, I understand and do not dispute that we desperately need a quarterback like the lone desert traveler needs an ice cold glass of water. I was just proud of our defense last night. What can I say, the 49ers are like the delinquent family member you defend to the hilt in public but chastise in private.

Ok writer I know you are a Chicago fan, but jeez lay of the sensationalism. Seriously what are you like 24, 25 years old? How many bad football games have you seen? And the worst? Really, I see "the worst" every week by your standards... AND really who cares about how bad NFL Network did with the game. Lets stick with the meat ok, which is the game itself. Cutler sucked, period. And what is it with all this, "tell me what you think" garbage at the end of articles? (oh, wait this is a blog...riiiight)What is this Cosmo? Redbook? If we, as men, want to comment we will. Do not try to mind bait us with this ridiculous mess of a report. The only reason I read this article was because of the title, and afterwards my assumption was confirmed. You’re an idiot. I did click on the link though so I guess you achieved your goal... You should apply to Fox News.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND you hold comments to be approved... supergay.

Some of us San Franciscans still remember the time Mike Ditka, disgusted after a loss at Candlestick, took a wad of green chewing gum out of his mouth and threw it into the stands. It landed in a woman's hair and she had to have it cut.

This may have been an ugly win, but it was a win. We'll take it.

I have watched the Bears my whole life....there is no reason for it to look this bad. We need a coach who will kick a little ass at this point. Our O line is so bad and I have to wonder how long it will take to make it better....It is time for a coaching change and it is time for management to step up or step out. Watching to offense pass to outlets in the fourth quarter was hard to almost seemed that Cutler was too demoralized to check out the rest of the field....our receivers are the poorest in the entire league. I will wear my Bears' hat today but not feel proud of what it represents.

I have watched the Bears my whole life....there is no reason for it to look this bad. We need a coach who will kick a little ass at this point. Our O line is so bad and I have to wonder how long it will take to make it better....It is time for a coaching change and it is time for management to step up or step out. Watching to offense pass to outlets in the fourth quarter was hard to almost seemed that Cutler was too demoralized to check out the rest of the field....our receivers are the poorest in the entire league. I will wear my Bears' hat today but not feel proud of what it represents.

Lets all get real here. If you pass all the time (about 50 times a game) you will be intercepted. Mr. Turner started this year with new linemen. To get them working running the ball successfully takes time. He should have taken some lumps early and insisted on developing some sort of running attack. But noooooooooooo we must do all this sexy passing and look where we are now. Ron Turner does not get it. When will anyone realize how off he is. Jay Cutler is good QB. Look up the Super Bowl when the Raiders had on the best passing attacks ever and the Bucs blew them out due to 4 interceptions. Until we can run the ball, Mr. Cutler gets a "pass" so to speak. If we kept running the ball in on the first red zone attack and only got a FG, we could have kick a FG on the last drive to win it. How many times have we TO'd in the red zone during the game and lost by a couple of points?? Turner must go. Lovie is not far behind. I have not seen a defense so lost as I have against Atlanta, Cincy, and PHX. Hello, coach this is the unemployment line calling -- GET yer head out of your ars or get in line !! JB

The worst? Really? Writer must have just started watching football yesterday then. The 6-3 showdown between the Browns and Bills earlier this season was far worse. I can think of a dozen examples in the past 4-5 years alone. Strong exaggeration.

Westcoast Offence sounds like the tipical west coast liberal Piss and moan about everything and bash someone who tells it like it is. Needs to stop drinking all that kool-aid.As for the Bears,they suck,just a little more than the niners!

As we all have seen these bears are not what we thought they were! Every year we want to believe they will be better,but with the people in charge trade away there best running back thomas jones the screw up with party boy ,now turned running back benson.let there WRs leave town and try to make devin into a number one WR.
I just dont understand how they can screw up evey year the way they do.And they make so much money and cant run a decent play,or block the correct back,run the right route. It makes me sad to see this kind of football.

I'd rank it as 2'nd worst, the worst one having been played against the Packers at old Soldier Field on a cold and rainy halloween night in 1994
Bears were down down 14-0 at half time, despite the fact that Favre (then in his 4th season) didn't complete a pass (he was 0-for-7 until midway through the third quarter).

Favre scored one of the touchdowns himself, on a 36 yard run down the sideline hurdling over Jeremy Lincoln, to finish it off and score.

The Pack rolled up 223 yards on the ground with zero turnovers but Favre was just 6-of-15 passes for 82 yards,

the Bears had 5 turnovers

Ironically and woefully it was also the night that the numbers for Gayle Sayers and Dick Butkus were retired--the team sure could have used them that night!
Final score: Packers 33 - Bears 6

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