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Tiger Woods 911 tapes released, but light on Elin or Tiger

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The Tiger Woods 911 tape was released Sunday night, but the only thing you can really get from it is that his rich neighbors apparently only use cordless phones with limited bas station range.

As the slightly panicked neighbor is telling fire-rescue about an apparently unconscious Woods lying in the street next to his Escalade, his phone craps out, leaving the dispatchers to chit-chat about the scene until help arrives.

What you don't hear is a golf club-swinging Elin Nordegren accenting her way through the call. Nor is Woods on audio.

Of course, with the Woods family ducking the cops for a third attempt at an interview, it's no wonder they're not being heard from on this tape, either.

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Tiger is a disgrace

I believe like TMZ said, Elin attacked him, and now he's protecting her

Tiger needs to file a restraining order for assault, if he doesn't, I hope no MALE buys anything he endorses. I hope all his sponsors drop him.

Let it be that a woman was found outside in her crashed SUV and the man told the story that Elin did, and see if there wouldn't be an arrest.

Tiger Woods is a disgrace to the male race fro protecting her.
I will laugh when she finally divorces him and take most of his money.

Reminds me of Michael Jordan, when his dirty laundey was made public. If you or I were involved in an incident like Tiger's we would not be able to pick and choose when and if we have to talk to the law!

maybe they had an arguement and she chased him with the golf club and he was rushing to get away and crashed
Whatever i don't blame him for protecting her.
It's the right thing to do the guy that said otherwise is a woman hater.
Anyway it's their business since noone else was involved so get the gustappo out of there.

TMZ? That's your source? How about making your opinions from real, reliable news sources? Is this how the rest of America learns about their surroundings and the world? TMZ? LOL! You're a farce my friend.

maybe they had a big arguement and she chased him with a golf club and he was trying to get away but than he had an crashed i do not blame him for portecting her but i just want to no what happen whey she was doing what she was to him but whatever.

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