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RIP Uga VII: Georgia's football mascot dies

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Dogs are generally regarded as man's best friend. If that's true, then football is a close second-best friend.

That's what makes the news of UGA VII's passing particularly sad for Georgia fans.

The four-year-old Bulldog had served as the school's mascot for less than two years before unexpectedly succumbing Thursday to heart problems. The particularly sudden turn of events means Georgia will be without a mascot for Saturday's game against Kentucky.

UGA VII is the latest in a line of dogs owned by the Sellers family that has served as the team's emblem for the last 54 years.

The Seilers plan to have an interim dog in place for the Georgia Tech game on Nov. 28 in Atlanta. That dog will also represent Georgia at its bowl game but won't necessarily become Uga VIII. A thorough search of Uga's VII's extensive brood of heirs will commence as soon as possible.

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I love Ga football more than most things in my life, except for my wife, which she may agrue that but you have to ask yourself why UGA VII lived such a short life. I believe that improper breeding and the attempt to sustain a single blood line is the culprit. Anytime you breed a dog over and over and over again the offspring will suffer the consequences, i.e. genetic defects. If you look at all of the UGAs of the past up to the present you will begin to see these changes and how the dogs begin maybe pick up more desirable asthetic traits but suffer the consequences of inbreeding. Throw a mutt in the mix and I guarantee that the dog will be healthier.

Go Dawgs!!!!!!!

As a rabid Dawg fan, I am truly saddened to learn of UGA VII's untimely passing. Now we really have to win the remainder of our games in his honor! RIP, UGA VII. Woof woof.

I was very upset to here of Uga VII's passing. I was so excited to get my tickets for myself and my younger brother to go see this weekend's game. It would have been his first game and the first time he and his fiancee would have seen Uga VII in person. One thing is for sure, this Saturday the UGA Bulldogs will be playing in honor and memory of Uga VII. Much love and Go Dawgs!!!!

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