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Josh McDaniels uses some colorful language to fire up his Denver Broncos

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If Thanksgiving with your family drove you to use foul language, take heart in knowing you weren't the only one dropping F-bombs this holiday.

The NFL Network's microphones picked up Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels screaming, "All we're trying to do is win a mother******* game," to his squad during its broadcast of the Broncos-Giants game.

McDaniels' team had just committed three costly false start penalties in the red zone -- something the fiery 33-year-old coach didn't care for.

After the Broncos settled for a field goal, the network apologized for the gruff talk.

At least McDaniels understands what the ultimate goal is, even if he expressed it in much more colorful language than Herm Edwards.

Leading up to tonight's game, McDaniels' sideline behavior had been a hot topic around the league, spurred on by his taunting of San Diego Charger players last Sunday.

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Josh McDaniels needs to be fined by the NFL and apologize to America OR be fired. It's as simple as that. No excuses.

Kyle responds: Why? It's football, it's his sideline. It probably happens thousands of times a game. The real responsibility lies with the network, don't you think?

Fired for cussing give me a break its the networks' job to filter that sh*t. It just shows his passion and his ability to motivate his players. He's a good young coach let him coach.

That kind of language happens all the time both on the football field and on the sidelines. The NFL Network has the responsibility to screen the clips that they play, and they didn't do that. McDaniels will be fined most likely, but I hope that the commish comes down just as hard on the NFL Network (which, by the way, is a disappointment and an embarrassment to the league anyway).

It ain't church. He said what all Bronco fans were thinking. I actually f**** loved it!

I can't bleive someone made a big deal out of what Josh what! I thought it was great and I think he's a good coach and he wants his team motivated. He may have started his tenure on a rocky note, but he has shown that he can coach. The deal appears to have worked out for him and Kyle. There were too many people that all of a sudden thought Kyle was this "bad' qb and he's not. You don't need a "big arm" to be successful (Joe Montana didn't) rather the abiltity to draft quality people that can execute the game plan. I'm glad they won because it gives Kyle and the Broncos more confidence and he can earn another contract. I may be a bears fan, but I know quality when I see it and I'm glad Kyle is there.

I agree with Charlie. Those false starts were unacceptable, especially in the red zone after they have been struggling in there the past weeks. I'm a Bronco fan and I was yellin' F*** YEAH when he was yellin at them. False starts are pure mental. The network needs to have a few second delay so they can cover up that language haha

Fired for saying the F-word on the sidelines? Surely you jest! You assume that no one else in the NFL has ever used that language before, TC. You've obviously never been in football or the military. Get over it.

I just want to say that it would be completely ridculous for the league to attempt to punish McDaniels for this. Its the networks' and only the networks' fault.

McDaniels needs to apologize to the fans for his foul language, his inability to coach and his awful 3rd down and short play calling. We don't respect his father's behavior to his mother that we have to listen to either.


You were not yelling f... anything at the game. If you were actualy in the stands you would have heard the overhead announcement that stated "you will not be allowed to purchase Broncos tickets in the future if you are ejected for foul language." I suggest we apply the same rules to all attendees and ban the punk coach as well. Stop the sixth grade posturing.


Aw, let McDaniels do what he wants to do. Besides, he is only here to learn how to get off his training wheels, so when Belichick gets caught cheating for the 12th time and finally gets fired, just like another cheater, Rick Neuheisel who all he wanted to do was get to UCLA eventually, McDaniels will slide in. McDaniels is just biding his time waiting for the Patriots job to open up. If you think I am kidding, just watch. The Broncos are just training fodder for McDaniels. He won't be here past 3 years. What he needs to learn is leadership, something my wife has observed in him, that he doesn't have. An offensive mind, yes. Team leadership, no.

It's a football game, not tea and crumpets! And if some little tyke hears a grownup using a naughty word (or Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, for that matter) it's not exactly going to scar them for life.

Any kid who sees TV news will see grownups doing war and terrorism and crime and marital infidelity and corruption. Those are what I call obscene!

Anyone who would expect the coach to be fired for using the f-word on the sidelines, especially under those circumstances has to be a pretender to the sport. Josh McDaniels has brought something back to the Broncos I thought I'd never see again, me. Thanks Josh and keep up the good work.

We are not saying that you guys don't use this language but...this is being broadcast into our that do not use this that have lots of kids watching. Stop it. Stop covering it.
One last thing..this coach is saying this nasty stuff to grown men...belittling them. There are many ways to motivate people. He never was a player. Grow up, dude.

Closer examination of the replay will expose the true culprit vis-a-vis the mf bomb dropping. As the Network returns from commercial break, we see Coach McDaniels sitting on the bench, with a player. The Network then Cut To A Tape of the fiery incident that happened during the commercials. In otherwords, it was not live! The NFL Network chose to air this, on tape.

Furthermore, in the following defensive series, the Broncos forced a fumble, and the procedure penalties stopped happening on offense--the speech apparently worked! The Bears should be so lucky to have such a coach.

Ah, leave McDaniels alone. He's under a lot of stress. Coaches that totally suck are generally tense...

I want a hoodie from you Josh!!!!!!!

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