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Florida Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes 'suspends self' for entire game

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brandon-spikes-eye-gouge.jpgFlorida Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes has been at the center of controversy since CBS' cameras caught him attempting to gouge out the eye of Georgia Bulldogs fullback Washaun Ealey last Saturday.

The dirty play drew a 30-minute suspension from Gators coach Urban Meyer -- a punishment that was deemed fair by the SEC.

In the court of public opinion, however, sitting Spikes down for a half didn't exactly play well. Many thought he deserved at least a game, if not more.

Today, Spikes decided to step up and decided to take himself completely out of Saturday's game against Vanderbilt.

"I want the guys to prepare without any negative things going on, and I feel like if I would play it would be a big thing going on," said Spikes, who will return to the lineup Nov. 14 at South Carolina. "I'm just trying to stay out of the way, just motivate the guys. I'm pretty sure the (coaching) staff's got my back, and my teammates really support me in this decision."
Although his actions against Georgia were pretty sickening, you've got to respect him for taking his punishment like a man -- and then some.

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As a Gator fan, I'll admit they have not played very well in several games this year. However, when everything is on the line, I believe they can and will do whatever it takes to win. Gators should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I used to attend their games even their tickets get sold out. Luckily I fond a good place to get my seat
Go Gators!! Go Gators!! Go Gators

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